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The group has just landed on Asterinium, Asterin's planet... What has Deathblaste done to Asterinium? Find out in this episode!

Episode 2: Asterinium Edit

Last time on Emberfist. Silver died during the Silver Seige, so Emberfist and company flew off to Starpaw for the Wolf Emeralds. Only to find desolation. They have flown off on a quest to heal Starpaw and Silver.
  • Asterin: "A piece on my planet?"
  • Grander: "Yes, take young King Star with you."
  • Star: "Goodbye, Grander."
They flew off towards Asterinium, could they make it through the Snicker's Asteroid Belt? (S.A.B.) They landed.
  • Asterin: "Maybe in my mansion?"
A big victorian style house loomed over them... in a state of serious disrepair.
  • Asterin: "Southern Continents are dangers..."
  • Homer: "Pet Tyrannosaurus Rexes.."
  • Homer: "Daniel, Marley, and Missy search the insides."
Two green hawks sat a top the old house. Who were they... ah yes, Damien and his father Jet.
  • Damien: "Homer!"
  • Homer: "D, and Jet."
  • Damien: "Extreme Gear Tag-Team Race?"
  • Jet: "The contestants... Jet and Wave versus Damien and Homer."
A swallow walked up.
  • Wave: "Hi."
  • Damien: "Mom, you are in this?"
  • Homer: "You are part SWALLOW?!"
  • Damien: "99.9% Hawk... .1% Swallow."
  • Wave: "Exactly, D."
The race began, Damien would go first and switch on lap two. Damien's glimmering D-Board sparkled in the mid-afternoon sun.
  • Knuckles: "...AND....GO!!"
Damien and Jet raced off, Damien taking a far lead on his father. He passed lap one. Homer climbed on his H-Board, no match for Wave's, but he could win. They zoomed off and homer fot a small lead. Damien and Homer won... another piece of the map.

(Map included in written episode.)

  • Asterin: "Here we come Syntex."
  • Damien: "Me and my family are coming."


Emberfist Quest: Syntex