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The journey is beginning, and it has not become The Quest Series

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...Asterin's spaceship flew off towards a majestic planet called Starpaw. The forests were a lush green, water was a sparkling crystal blue.. and the cities clean, except for the Vampires that hunted in the night. Those had been killed off many years agi,

Homer: "What Happened?"

...Rivers ran brown with muck, green trees were now brown and crumbling. Cities were falling apart. Where was their king, Star?

Blaze: "Starpaw, a deserted wasteland, but it never was!"

...A shadow walked along the alley, who was it?

???: "It wasn't always like this."

Homer: "Star!"

Star: "Homer, a terrible tragedy has befallen Starpaw."

Rotor: "We can see."

Sally: "We want to help rebuild."

Star: "Citizens fled into the Marigold Marshlands..."

Sally: "Who stayed loyal?"

Star: "Grander did."

Homer: "Who?"

Grander: "Me."

...The old gnarled wolf clambered out from behind the old book store.

Grander: "Snachers summoned Deathblaste."

Homer: "Sanchers?" (Sa-anchors)

Grander: "Sanchers is a malovelent wolf."

Homer: "Where is he?"


Grander: "Use this map. He's not in Starpaw..."

Asterin: "Asterinium, is he there?"

Grander: "No..."

Asterin: "Good."

Grander: "But he may have destroyed it..."

Asterin: "Oh come on!"

Grander: "May have not."

Asterin: "This is only one piece to the map!"

Grander: "Each location holds one piece."

The Map Is Included In The Written Version ----