Ghosts of the Future is a fan comic drawn and written by Evan Stanley. There are eleven issues so far, with extra information or funnies in the back.

Issue 1 Cover.


In Sonic and Dr.Eggman's last showdown, Things are not going well for Sonic the Hedgehog. His longtime rival, Shadow, is being manipulated via mind contol by Eggman and has killed all of Sonic's allies. Right as the Doc calls for Shadow to destroy Sonic, Sonic uses the mystical power of the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald to transport the magical gems to far-flung alternate dimensions, where Eggman will never be able to harness their power for evil. The effort required for this final act of defiance is too much-- Sonic is killed even as the Emerald's energy fades from the world. But before his soul can leave as well, Sonic is stopped by Tikal, the gaurdian spirit of the Master Emerald. She informs him that she cannot allow him to so recklessly exile the Emeralds, as without their power the universe will, in time, cease to be. Sonic must take on the mantle of the gaurdian spirit of the Chaos Emeralds and wander the world forever as a ghost, searching for the one who will be born with the ability to find and recapture the Emeralds. Shadow, after escaping from the good Doctor's devious device is wracked with guilt and vows to stand by Sonic in his quest. And this brings us to Silver the Hedgehog, a boy born two hundred years after these dark events who has dreams of magical gems and a strange blue hedgehog... could he be the one Sonic and Shadow are looking for?


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