In this series,Shadow,Sonic,and Silver are brothers and live under one roof with their parents Melissa and Gus the hedgehog.

Episode One:Working In SecretEdit

Narrator:Meanwhile,back at the apartment...

Sonic:Mom! Where is my food? I'm starving.

Melissa:The grits are on the stove.Your brother Silver was supposed to be cooking you all dinner.

Shadow:[walking in the door]Whatever you do don't ask me how school was today.


Shadow:It was a bummer.Mr.Dooken loaded everybody up with homework.Then Joe started spitting on people.

Melissa:What kept you?Didn't you get out at 3:00?

Shadow:Since Joe started complaining about his homework,he made ecerybody write 500 times I will not complain about my homework.If i complain again I will pay the piper.

Narrator:Later that night,Shadow and Sonic were asleep on the sofa bed when Silver walked in.

Silver:[tiptoing in the apartment trips and lands on the bed on top of Shadow.

Shadow:What are you doing man?!!

Sonic:Can't anyone get any sleep here? [meanwhile all the boys start fighting and someone knocks on the door and Shadow answers it]

Shadow:what are you doing up here Bookman?

Bookman:The upstair attendants can't sleep.And when they can't sleep the attendants downstairs can't sleep.And when they can't sleep,I can't sleep.And when I cant sleep Mrs.Bookman can't sleep.So keep it down!

Shadow:Yea,whatever.[and with that Shadow slams the door].

Gus:What in the world is going on?

Shadow:Silver was out late again.

Gus:You know what,lets talk about this in the morning.If I so much as here one more door shut.Someone's hurt.

Narrator:At 6:00 the next morning...

Melissa:Ok Silver you know the rules,from this moment on there is no T.V. and no Playstation.

Silver:I'm leaving for school early today.Bye[door shuts].

Gus:Good morning everyone.Where is yesterday night's news at?

Sonic:He split a few minutes ago.

Gus:Did you ground him?


[a knock on the door]

Mr.Bookman:Hey I just came to say I'm sorry about last night.But i can't have noisy tenants.Plus it disturbs Mrs.Bookman.

Shadow:Yea whatever.Now get lost.

Melissa:Don't be rude Shadow,invite Mr.Bookman in so he can have some breakfast.

Mr.Bookman:Oh no time I've got to go downstairs to fix a sink.I almost forgot to tell you.The hot water will be turned off tonight.

Sonic:What are we gonna do about bathing?

Mr.Bookman:Beats me.

Shadow:Get out of here,and don't come back until we've got hot water.[door slams]

Narrator:Later that evening...


Melissa:What is it?

Shadow:Silver Didn't show up to school today.


Sonic:Don't worry Ma,He'll be back tonight.And when he gets back,we'll bust him.

Narrator:At 10:30...

Silver:[Tiptoes in shuts the door and turns on the light and everyone is sitting there]Ahh!!

Gus:Ok son I'm only going to ask you this once.Where are you going this late.

Silver:Ok.The reason I've been staying out so late is because I've been working with Bookman.

Gus:Ok.You're grounded.You will not go outside this house after 9:00 am I clear.

Narrator:The next morning...

Silver:Hi Ma.

Melissa:Did your dad talk some since into your head.

Silver:If he was trying to get to my head he was working at the wrong end.Anyway I've got to get to school.