In this episode,a new tenant moves in upstairs and strange things begin to happen.



Silver:What's up?

Shadow:Looks like a new tenant is moving in today.

Silver:I'll go see if they need a hand.

Narrator:While going downstairs,Silver talks to one of the moving guys.

Silver:Hi,who are you helping move in?

Moving Guy:Hey there,we're just helping this guy named Mr.Rosachuck.Don't even know the guy,he just asked us to help him.He wouldn't fill out his information form.He said he'll pay us 1,000 dollars each if we help him move into this ragedy old apartment.

Silver:Need some help?

Moving Guy:Sure.

Narrator:Later that same evening...

Shadow:Silver,did you make sure you got paid enough for helping this guy?

Silver:I'm sure.I never met the guy though.He just sat there and watched me.

Melissa:Dinner is served.

Sonic:Maybe we should go invite Mr.Rosachuck down for dinner.

Silver:Ok I'll go up.

Gus:Shadow go with your brother.

Shadow:Why,he can do it himself.

Gus:You're gonna be asking why I extended my belt to yo' behind if you don't go.

Narrator:Shadow and Silver walked up the stairs to apartment 17 and knocked on the door.

Mr.Rosachuck:What can I do for you boys?

Silver:I'm Silver and this is my brother Shadow.We would like to invite you down for dinner.

Mr.Rosachuck:Oh no,I already ate.


Mr.Rosachuck:Bye now.[door shuts]

Shadow:Maybe I can have his plate then.

Narrator: A few days later at12:30 midnight.

[large foot stomps and music]

Shadow:That's it.

Narrator:Shadow then immedeately goes upstairs and knocks on Mr.Rosachuck's door.

Shadow:[raising his voice and kicking the door]Hey!Tone it down a thousand.We are not nocturnal.

Narrator:with that,the door accidentally falls open.There is music playing and the lights are on.But noone is home.

To Be Continued...