In this episode,the family and friends discuss their great ancestors.

Ancestor LayoutEdit

Narrator:One stormy evening.

Shadow:Hey Silver,what are you writing about?

Silver:Teacher said to write a report on one of our famous ancestors.I just can't think of anyone famous in our family.

Shadow:Are you kidding?Didn't I ever tell you about my great ancestors.[jumps on table]Sir Lancelot!

Silver:No.Tell me his story.

Shadow:Well,he was one of the knights of the round table.He fought for justice,truth,and peace.He was seated right next to the King Arthur.The story of Sir Lancelot is left open though.Later in time,Lancelot went against the Black Night.Unfortunately it knew all of Lancelot's weaknesses.And in the end,his defeat was inevitable.

Silver:Wow,that's a really sad story.

Shadow:Yea I know.

Sonic:Well my great ancestor,Hulan De Spedster,or HDS for short,set out on a grand mission to the future with his time machine.He tried it out,but he never came back.

Silver:I still need to get my paper done.

Josh:[coming in]Hi Silver,are you ready to come to the park?

Silver:I can't,I have to finish my paper.