Sally Acorn

Major Characters

  • Melissa:The boys' mother and over all care giver in the family.She hates war or disputes.Her family is the most important thing to her.
  • Gus:The boys' father and the bread winner in the family.Gus is usually prone to violents and talks crazy most of the time.Usually can't hold up a job because there is usually a better hedgehog for it.
  • Shadow:The oldest child in the family and takes after his father when it comes to conduct.He doesn't take school seriously but he does what he has to do.Shadow and his brother Sonic share the sofa bed in the living room of the apartment.If there is a ticket out of the South Side,he'll take it.
  • Sonic:The second oldest child in the family.Sonic loves his life here with his family.Sonic wants to run track now that he is in high school.
  • Silver:The youngest in the family.Silver has been on the honor role in his school for 7 years.He hopes one day to be an inventor.Silver is always being picked on.Silver is Sonic and Shadow's step brother.[he is Melissa's son]
  • Lia Keyes:She lives in the apartment across from them.She is the family's best friend.
  • Josh Keyes::Lia's son and one of Silver's closest friends.

Minor CharactersEdit

Fiona:The boys' oldest sister who lives in capital city as an actress.She comes home to visit every once in a while.She is their step sister on their Mother's side.


  • Norman Bookman:The apartment building's over weight watchman and handyman.He never does anything right and if he does,it usually takes him forever.Shadow usually bombards him with critisizem about his weight and his work.But hey why put off tomorrow what you could put off forever.
  • Rouge:Shadow's girlfriend and upstairs neighbor.Since the episode Rouge Moves away,she is no longer in the story.
  • Principal Snidey:The head of the school the kids go to.Usually calls with bad news.
  • Sally Acorn:The tenant who lives downstairs with Mr. and Mrs.Acorn.
  • Maria:The tenants who moved into Rouge's apartment.Shadow and Maria's family got off to a bad start.But now their families are closer.



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