Melissa age:37 height:3'3 species:hedgehog iq:90-100 likes:Peace,being with her family dislikes:war,her kids doing something illegal,making mistakes
Shadow age:18 height:3'3 species:hedgehog iq:90-100

likes:winning,being independent,

working,watching tv

dislikes:his sister[most of the time],being questioned[especially when he doesn't know the answer to the question,being taunted by his younger brothers.
Gus age:40 height:3'4 species:hedgehog iq:90-100

likes:working,his family,lia[sometimes]

getting promosions

dislikes:foolishness,something he doesn't have time for,his kids arguing,Shadow getting smart with him,the boss at his job


height:3'3 species:hedgehog iq:111-125

likes:studying,winning science fairs,

proving his intelligence

dislikes:anyone who makes fun of him,doing something that doesn't benefit you in any way
Sonic age:15 height:3'3 species:hedgehog iq:90-100

likes:running track,taunting his older

brother,and running aarons

dislikes:anything slow going,boring,or having to do with something that doesn't interest him.
Lia Keyes age:35 height:3'4 species:echidna iq:90-100 likes:spreading rumors,being with her son,Elroy,talking to Melissa dislikes:Melissa going out of town,doing laundry,Fridays,her ex husband
Josh Keyes age:13 height:3'3 species:echidna iq:90-100 likes:being with Silver,video games,going on trips,staying at Silver's house dislikes:being separated from Silver,Language arts,vegetables
Fiona age:26 height:3'4 species:half echidna half hedgehog iq:90-100 likes:acting,singing,being the center of attention, visiting her family[sometimes] dislikes:not being picked for an acting job,getting layed off,Shadow[sometimes]
Norman Bookman age:29 height:3'4 species:walrus iq:90-100 likes:eating,doing his job,Gus's family dislikes:bad tenants,Shadow and Lia talking about him,Mrs Bookman upset
Rouge age:18 height:3'4 species:bat iq:90-100 likes:Shadow,hanging around her family dislikes:being alone
Sally Acorn age:15 height:3'3 species:squirrel iq:90-100 likes:Sonic,figure skating,joking around dislikes:people looking in her business,Sonic and her arguing