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Fiona is called down to take care of the boys on their parents' anniversary.But Shadow retaliates.

Fiona's ReturnEdit

Shadow:[sitting on the couch]I hate this plan.

Sonic:Mom and Dad probably just don't trust you.Remember,she's first born and all.

Shadow:It is what it is.But why would Mom and Dad get somebody as high and mighty as her to take care of us.I take it as disrespectful.

Sonic:Well anyway I've got to run to the post office to pick up a package.[door shuts]

Melissa:[walking in with Gus]Hi children.Me and your father have decided that we're leaving tonight.

Shadow:Big deal.

Melissa:Shadow,don't be that way.We know you and your sister don't like each other very much,but don't let that get you down.She could have changed.She'll be here tomorrow morning and I need you to pick her up from the airport.


Gus:[getting in Shadow's face]I beg your pardon?

Shadow:I'll be there.

Narrator:Later that evening.

Silver:Bye Ma.Bye Dad.[giving them a hug]

Gus:Be good while We're gone.

Melissa:And respect your sister.

Shadow:Yea,sure Ma.

[Gus and Melissa walk out the door]

Narrator:Later at 11:45.

Sonic:[Laying next to Shadow on the sofa bed]Shadow.

Shadow:[waking up]What is it man?

Sonic:Do you think Fiona will be the same?

Shadow:She'll be the same person she's always been.A person who leaves their family at their time of need and sets out on their own.Not to mention her friend Filmore.

Sonic: Moma said people change.

Shadow:Sonic,people don't change.They say they're going to change,but people don't change.Remember that for the rest of your life.

Narrator:Later the next morning at the airport.

Fiona:[coming through the gate walks past Shadow and hugs a green hedgehog]Hi boy.

Green Hedgehog:Excuse me do I know you?

Fiona:I'm your sister you foolish hedgehog.

Shadow:[clears his throat]Hello I'm your brother.

Fiona:Well same hedgehog different color.

Shadow:[opens cab door]What are you waiting on?Get in.

Fiona:Ewwww!You actually ride in a cab.

Shadow:Listen[slams the cab door]We don't live in the city of fame access.We take cabs.

[arguing gets out of control]

Cab Driver:Are you getting in or not?

Narrator:After talking her into it,Shadow finally gets his sister in the cab.Thoughts starts racing through Shadow's mind.

Shadow:[thinking]Moma and Daddy don't trust me,that's why they brought her here.Now I get it.If they want her,they got her.

Narrator:Arriving at the apartment...

Fiona:[walking in with Shadow]This place is just how I remember it.It was ragedy,dull,and smelly as usual.

Shadow:[sarcastically laughs]Put your stuff in Silver's room.

[Sonic and Silver at the same time run and hug Fiona]

Fiona:Watch it,this is a $200.00 dress and I plan to wear it to the awards.How about a handshake.

[They all then shake hands]

Narrator:Later that evening.

Shadow:[cooking steak]Dinner is served.

Fiona:Don't bother eating that guys.I ordered pizza.

Shadow:[angrier than ever]You saw me cooking dinner did you not?

Fiona:[flipping channels]Sure did.

Shadow:Why didn't you say anything?

Fiona:Figured that what you're cooking can make a good snack.Not a meal.But since you want to be useful,you can go pick it up.

Shadow:[snatches key]Fine.You just remember that I'm 18 and you're 26.You got 2 arms and legs.

Fiona:Yea and I also got 10 toes,2 eyes,and 10 fingers.Now get some gone.

Narrator:On the last day of Fiona's visit.Shadow had had it up to his throat with Fiona.

Fiona:[ringing a bell]Shadow.


Fiona:Can you run down to the dry cleaners to get my clothes.My flight leaves in an hour.


Fiona;Is that any way to talk to me?

Shadow:Don't bring it here Fiona.

[coming back in the door]

Shadow:You know what.Why did you abandon us like you did?

Fiona:Here we go again.I didn't abandon anyone.I'm not the one who put our family at risk you put us at risk.

Shadow:I also wouldn't abandon one family member when they need me.Not one,not on my watch.

Fiona:Just hurry up.

[Shadow slams door]

Narrator:Shadow then ran into Bookman on the stairwell after the elevator wouldn't work.

Mr.Bookman:Where are you going?

Shadow:Beat it whale tail,I'm not feeling it today.

Mr.Bookman:I just asked where you're going.

Shadow:I'm going to pick up Fiona's dry cleaning.

Mr.Bookman:Your sister's here?


Mr.Bookman:I'm gonna go see if I can get her autograph.

Narrator:Shadow later put her sister on the plane and drove away.