When Sonic starts in algebra,he doesn't do well.So he asks Shadow to help him out.But Shadow doesn't even do well in Math himself.

Math is a Little Tricky,But Shadow Can Teach YouEdit

Shadow:Ma!Where is Sonic?Me,Sally,and Sonic were supposed to go to the diner down the street.

Melissa:Well you know he just started algebra and he's getting tutored by Mrs.Porter.

Shadow:He's doing than I ever was.I failed my big algebra test 4 times.That's why Mrs.Porter just gave up on me.

Melissa:I know you weren't any good at algebra Shadow,thats why your father was okay with it.

Shadow:I don't get why dad was okay with that.

Melissa:He gave up on you too.

[phone rings]

Shadow:I got it.[picks up phone]Hi.No,but I'll see you later.Alright bye.

Silver:[walks in]Hi Ma.What's going on?

Sonic:[walks in and speaks as if he's depressed]Hi everyone.

Melissa:What took you so long to get here?

Sonic:Mrs.Porter called me over for a session.

Shadow:Still having problems with algebra hey?


Shadow:Well we can discuss that after we eat at the diner.So throw your clothes on.

Sonic:I'm not going.I already told Sally I couldn't go.

Shadow:Why not?

Sonic:I've got a ton of homework to do.

Shadow:Ok,you're taking this algebra thing to far now.There is only 1 alternative.

Sonic:What is it?

Shadow:Fail and move on.

Melissa:Or option B.You learn it.

Shadow:Ma let me handle this.I'll teach you this stuff.

Sonic:You will?

Shadow:Sure,now let me see it.[the problem was 2nb + 3nb = ?]Well you see.Silver aint you just supposed to multiply because the little plus is in the middle?

Silver:Shadow,multiplication is with an x.A plus sign is addition.

Shadow:Well you can never tell with the people down at Bronson High.Anyway,you see,if you watched enough Transformers,you'd know that nb stands for non biologicals.Aka the Transformers.So we don't want any nb's in our school work.So we just cross out those nb's and add.Ah 2 + 3 is 7 right?

Sonic:No,it's 5.

Shadow:Yea I knew that.But just do that every time and you'll ace every test.

Sonic:I hope so.My big test is tomorrow and I need a miracle.

Narrator:At school the next day,Sonic flunked the test.He was so mad at Shadow he came home and hit him with his algebra book.Later that same night at 11:30 at night.

Shadow:I'm sorry I made you flunk.I thought I knew.

Sonic:I think it's late for being sorry.

Shadow:But seriously if you want to learn this stuff,Silver's your guy.


Shadow:Yea.I didn't tell you because I wanted to sound big and important.Sorry.

Sonic:Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though.Just because Silver's smarter than you doesn't mean I'd treat you different from him.


Sonic:Yea.I forgive you.

Shadow:Now if you have any trouble in Language Arts,I'm your man.

Sonic:Don't push it.

End Of Episode