Shadow's report to Bookman

Mysterious Mishaps:Part 2

In the continuation of part 1,Shadow tries to uncover the secrets of tenant 17 and stumbles onto something even deadlier.

Mysterious Mishaps:Part 2Edit

Narrator:Shadow,after finding the apartment empty,goes over to Bookman's.

Shadow:[knocking on Bookman's door]Hey!I know if I can't sleep then Mrs.Bookman can't sleep!

Mr.Bookman:What is it Shadow?

Shadow:Listen man,I can't sleep because tenant number 17 is upstairs dancing with loud music on. This dude is not making a good tenant.Tell him to turn down the music.

Mr.Bookman:If you want me to do something,file a report to me on my computer.Just go tell Mr.Chuckrose to quiet down.

Shadow:It's Rosachuck,and he's not there.Thanks for nothing fatso.[walks away from the door]

Narrator:Later the next morning...

Melissa:Silver get your brother up so he can walk Sonic down to the bus station.

Silver:Moma,Shadow was up last night talking to Bookman.

Melissa:About what?

Silver:About the new tenant upstairs.Shadow wants to file a complaint about the noise. I'm not so sure about the guy.When he answers the door,all the lights are off where you can't see his face.

Melissa:Maybe he's just shy.Now get Shadow up.It's not every day we can afford to send him down to Capital City to visit your sister.It was hard enough to get her to let him come down there for a few weeks.

Silver:Shadow get up!You got to take Sonic to the bus station.

Shadow:[jumping out of bed]I gotta get up!I'm late.[runs in the bathroom]

Sonic:[coming out of the room]I think I've got everything Ma,I just need to pack my snacks for the ride down there.Too bad I couldn't get on a plane.

Melissa:We couldn't afford it dear.Sorry.

Sonic:I'm not being ungrateful,I'ts just that it takes 14 hours to get down there.She already promised me that we could watch all her movies when I get down there.

Shadow:Lets go Sonic.

Melissa:Have a safe trip and call me when you get to a rest stop.[door shuts]

Lia:Hi yall.Did yall see the new guy upstairs playing his music all night.

Melissa:Shadow's the one who's been complaining about him.

Lia:Do you know that he never comes out of his apartment.

Melissa:I know that the kids have been talking about never seeing his face. But why are you here?

Lia:Josh and Silver were supposed to be going to the zoo today.

Silver:I'm ready when you are.

Lia:Bye[door shuts]

Narrator:Later at Rouge's house.

Shadow:It's about 9:00.He's warming up his legs.

Rouge:Who is.


Rouge:What did you say?

Shadow:Mr.Rosachuck,it's this new guy who moved in apartment 17.

Rouge:My uncle has that same name.Did he have a brown couch?


Rouge:That has to be him.Lock the door!

Shadow:What's the big deal?

Rouge:12 years ago,they locked him up in Bayside Correctional for stealing and stabbing 5 people.

Shadow:When are they letting him out?

Rouge:They cant.

Shadow:Why not?

Rouge:Because he supposedly died the same year he was locked up.

Stay tuned for part 3