In this episode,Rouge moves out of the apartment building.

Rouge Moves AwayEdit

Sonic:[playing checkers with Shadow]Hand me my king.

Shadow:I've only got 3 men left on the board.

Sonic:And I just jumped all of them.

Shadow:[flips the checker board over]I don't want to play this childish game any more.I've got homework to do.

Sonic:Hmm.[walks away]

[knock on the door]

Shadow:Get the door Sonic.

Sonic:You got 2 arms and legs.

Shadow:Yea and I've got 2 eyes and 10 fingers too.

Sonic:Fine.[opens door]Oh,hi Rouge.

Rouge:Hi Sonic.

Sonic:Come in.Oh I just remembered,I have to go to practice downtown.[grabs his coat]See ya[door shuts].

Shadow:[comes out the bathroom]Oh hey.What's up?

Rouge:I have something to tell you.

Shadow:What is it?[grabs jar of pickles]

Rouge:I'm moving.

Shadow:[drops jar and breaks it]What?

Rouge:I just got the news.

Shadow:How long do you have?

Rouge:Till tonight.

Shadow:Where are you moving to?

Rouge:Off of Mobius.We're moving to Biotex.My father just got some intergalactic mail back from his new boss out there.He said he got the job.He said me and Mom can't stay here.So we have to go with him.

Shadow:What about communication.I'll still be able to talk to you right?

Rouge:The planet is too far away to make intergalactic phone calls.

Shadow:So that's it.I'll never see you again.

Rouge:That's about the size of it.But I have to go finish packing.See ya.[door shuts]

Narrator:Later that night.

Melissa:Shadow come on.We have to hurry or we'll miss their flight.

Shadow:I'm coming.Lets move it.

Narrator:Later at the intergalatic travel station.

Shadow:So how long till you leave?

Rouge:5 minutes.

Shadow:Do you think you'll ever be able to come back?

Rouge:I sure hope so.I hope you'll be alright out here.Will you come and visit us?

Shadow:It's hard to say.I'll save up and see.

Flight attendant:Final boarding call for flight 405 to Biotex.

Rouge:That's us.I'll see you later.

Shadow:Bye.Oh,hey,do you know who is moving into your apartment?

Rouge:I don't know.Ask Bookman.Bye.

Narrator:A few day later.

Shadow:Where is that buffalo?He should know the news today.

Bookman:[knocks on the door]

Shadow:[opens door]So who is it?

Bookman:Oh let me tell you how I found out.I...

Shadow:Cut the play by play.Just who is it.

Bookman:A family of hedgehogs with an 18 year old daughter.

Shadow:Oh.Maybe I'll save up enough money to eventually move out to Biotex,