Live and Learn:Shadow's Decision

In the second episode of the series,Shadow gets one chance to move out of the south side.But will he take it.

Shadow's DecisionEdit

Gus:Hey Melissa,shoudn't Shadow be home by now.I mean it's 5:00.

Melissa:Maybe he stopped by Rouge's house on the way home.

Silver:I'm going to go to the room to do some studying.See you in a while.[bedroom door shuts]

Melissa:Where are you going Sonic?

Sonic:I'm going to go around to Sally's for a while.Her parents invited me to dinner.[Sonic grabbing his coat]See yall later.[door shuts]

[knock on the door]

Gus:Ok Sonic what did you forget?

Mr.Bookman:Oh hi guys.

Gus:Buy[slams door].

Melissa:Gus![opens the door]Come in Mr.Bookman.

Mr.Bookman:Oh thank you.I just came up to fix the sink.

Melissa:We told you about the sink 4 weeks ago.

Shadow:[walks in]Hi yall.What's Bookman doing here?

Melissa:He's here to fix the sink.Bookman,I thought you said you were going to try to do better after some tenants signed a petition against you.

Shadow:Just goes to show you,you can't teach an old buffalo new tricks.

Mr.Bookman;Do you wan't me to fix the sink or not?

Gus:Go ahead but hurry up.Melissa I got to walk down to the job for my check.While I'm gone,make sure Bookman don't eat us out of house and home.[door shuts]

Melissa:Where have you been Shadow?

Shadow:Moma,remember that robbery up at the bank we read about in the paper?

Melissa:Yea why?

Shadow:I found 3 grand in a paper bag outside the school near the dumpster.

Melissa:Are you serious.

Mr.Bookman:In that case,It will cost you $20.00 for me to fix the sink.

Shadow:Why would we pay you?It's not like you're going to do a quality job anyway.But I will give you a penny for your thoughts on the subject.

Melissa:Shadow,you can't keep that money.

Shadow:Why not.This is my ticket to get out of the South Side,and I'm going to take it.

Melissa:That money don't belong to you,it belongs to the bank.

Shadow:It's finders keepers in this neighborhood Ma,and if I got a shot out I'm going to take it.

Silver:What's going on?Where did you get all that money?!

Gus:[walks in]Hey everybod...Where did you get that money?

Shadow:I found it.

Mr.Bookman:The sink is fixed.See yall later.[door shuts]

Melissa:Shadow give that money back to the bank.You'd be doing the right thing.

Shadow:[raising his voice]I'm going to do what I want to do with this money.I found it and I'm going to do what I want with it.

Gus:Hey,you check yo' tone in my house.

Melissa:Shadow,now you...

Gus:Now Melissa,Shadow's 18 years old.Lets let him decide what he wants to do with it.

Shadow:[gets his coat and leaves]

Narrator:Later at 7:00.

Melissa:Where is he?

Gus:He'll be fine.

Melissa:I'm going to go look for him and...

Gus:No Melissa.Let him make his own decisions.

Lia:[whispering]Hey yall.

Gus:Oh h...

Lia:Shhhh!Be quiet or they'll here.

Gus:Who'll here.

Lia:The FBI.


Silver:What did they want?

Lia:I was sitting on the couch watching T.V. and then like boom black suits filled the room up.They just asked me about Shadow.Where he works,where he sleeps,and does he have a record

Melissa:What did you tell them?

Lia:I told them to get out of my apartment because I don't know no Shadows.

Shadow:[walks in]Hi.

Melissa:What did you do with the money?

Shadow:Well,I thought it over,and I gave the money back.

Melissa:Have mercy,you made the right decision.

Sonic:Good job Shadow.

Narrator:The next morning...

Melissa:Children get ready for school.

Shadow:Hi ma.

Melissa:Where are your brothers?

Shadow:They left early.Bye.

Melissa:You did a good thing.

Shadow:[walking through the hall]They told me to give back the money.They didn't say to give all of it back.