In this episode,many people start getting sick for unknown reasons.So Silver goes to the Chaotix for help.

The Unknown VirusEdit

Sonic:Hey Silver,what are you doing?

Silver:Just working on a science project for school.Shadow said he'd help me with it,but he had to go to UPS store to pick up a package for Dad.

Sonic:Well look you got it to turn blue.

Silver:I know,it's supposed to turn red.[knock on the door]

Sonic:I'll get it.[opens door]Hey Shadow.

Shadow:Hey yall.Is Dad home yet?


Shadow:Because I opened his package like he told me not to.And now I have all the time in the world to tape it back up.

Silver:Always got to be nosy huh?

Shadow:Well I like to know before anyone else does.That saves them the liberty of going through the motion of opening a package and getting bad news anyway.

Narrator:Later that night.

Shadow:Ma,I'm hungry.

Melissa:Dinner is almost ready Shadow.Get a snack.

Shadow:Ok.They were having a sale on fish at the market.I'll make a fish sandwich.

Sonic:I love fish.But I don't want any tonight.

Melissa:Dinner is served.

Shadow:But Ma,I just finished my sandwich.

Gus:Boy,did you here what your mother said?Get in there and eat.

Shadow:But Dad...

Gus:I beg your pardon?

Shadow:Ma what are we eating?

Melissa:Peas,corn,and ham sandwiches.

Shadow:Sounds good.

Narrator:Later the next morning.

Melissa:Shadow get up.Silver get your brother up.

Silver:Shadow wake up.

Melissa:Come get your breakfast.

Shadow:Ma,no thanks.My stomach is on edge this morning.I'll just go straight to school.[puts jacket on and leaves]

Silver:That figures.I knew it would happen one of these days.He'd eat to much junk food.

Melissa:What did he eat.

Silver:He ate dinner,fish,hot fries,a banquet dinner,and some left over chicken.

Melissa:He'll bounce back.

Narrator:About 11:00.

[phone rings]


Principal:Yes,is your son's name Shadow.


Principal:He's being sent home.

Melissa:Was he fighting in school again?

Principal:I'm afraid not.He's being sent home because of his condition.

Melissa:What do you mean?

Principal:He has been complaining about his stomach,vomiting,and running to the toilet every hour.He's on his way home.

Melissa:Ok,thank you.[hangs up phone]

Shadow:[comes through the front door]Hi Ma.

Narrator:Later that night.

Doctor Wombat:I don't know exactly what's wrong with him.But rest is the best medicine.

Gus:Hey man I knew that.Here's your 5 dollars.Now get out of here.

Narrator:The next day.

Silver:[walks in]Ma it's official.62 people are sick in the Station Square area alone.

Melissa:There is nothing we can do about it besides wait.

Silver:I know,that's why I have the Chaotix working on it.

Melissa:What's the fee?

Silver:Nothing.It was a favor from a while ago.

[phone rings]

Silver:I got it.Hello.Oh hi guys.You got a lead.Great.Oh.Well thanks anyway for calling.Bye.

Melissa:What did they say.

Silver:They didn't find a lead.But they found out there was a quarter in Charmy's pocket.

Melissa:Well,I guess I better throw out this old fish.

Silver Remembering:Shadow:I guess I'll have a fish sandwich.

Melissa:What's wrong?

Silver:It's fish.

Narrator:Silver then told the mayor about the pandemic.And the market went out of business.