Sonic The Hedgehog - Multiverse Chaos

Author - Wellington Games

"Sonikku Za Hejjihoggu - Maruchibasu Kaosu" in Japanese

Episode 1 - An Coming Multiversal Disaster Edit

Hello guys! I'm Wellington! I am 12 years old and I am the creator of this fan-comic. This comic will tell that Sonic must save the Multiverse from 3 Eggmans and other villains. But he will not be alone. He will have the help of his friends and characters from another dimensions too. Now enough talk and let's go to this adventure!

Episode 1 - An Coming Multiversal Disaster


In the fields of Mobius, everything was calm. The flowers is blooming, the birds are singing...


What was that? We heard a explosion! That means it's the famous blue hedgehog fighting with the evil doctor!

Sonic:Give up Eggman! I defeated you lots of times!

Eggman:Never! This time will be different!

Sonic:That's what you think!

Sonic was hitting Eggman lots of times when the Egg Mobile was losing strength.

Eggman:WHAT?! It can't be!

Sonic:See? I told you! When you try to defeat me, I defeat you! What a shame right Egghead?

Eggman:Arghhhhh! Hear me Sonic, Mobius will be in danger by me! I WILL CONQUER THE MULTIVERSE! NYAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sonic:You talk too much. See ya Egghead!

Eggman:Wa-Wa-Wait! NO!



Sonic:That was easy as a piece of a cake. But he I did not understand what he said. He said that he will conquer the multiverse? Strange. Well, I will find Tails.

Sonic went to see where Tails is.


Sonic:Tails! Where were you?

Tails:I was trying to find you Sonic.

Sonic:Me too!

Tails:Really? It's because I need to talk with you.

Sonic:Okay Tails.

Tails:Let's go to my house because the others are there.

Mega Death Egg

Eggman:Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

???:What the heck happened to you Eggman?

Eggman:Ouch. I was been defeated by Sonic! AGAIN!


So, another Eggman appeared of the shadows. It's Eggman from Sonic Boom dimension!

Boom Eggman:Why you is being defeated by that stupid blue hedgehog every time! I mean me because you is me.

Modern Eggman:It's because of the agility, the strength and the speed!

Dr. Robotnik:I agree with Modern me. This pest defeat us everytime calling us "Egghead"! I'm tired of this!

Boom Eggman:And there's one way to finish this!

Dr. Robotnik & Modern Eggman & Boom Eggman:Collecting all of the 7 Chaos Emeralds!

Dr. Robotnik:But every time, Sonic get the Chaos Emeralds from us!

Modern Eggman:I have an idea! Why we don't ask for help?

Boom Eggman:From who?

Modern Eggman:From other villains.

Dr. Robotnik:? I did not understand.

Modern Eggman:I mean. Ask for help of villains from another dimensions.

Boom Eggman:That's not a bad idea!

Modern Eggman:Thanks. I'm a genius. I-I mean we are genius. And finally we will destroy that stupid blue pest and conquer the multiverse!

Dr. Robotnik & Modern Eggman & Boom Eggman:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Dr. Robotnik & Modern and Boom Eggman is planning conquer the whole multiverse! Sonic and Tails went to Tails' House to encounter the others because Tails have something important to say to Sonic and his friends. But what will happen? Will Robotnik & Modern and Boom Eggman conquer the multiverse? Will Sonic and his friends save the multiverse from the evil hands of the mad doctors and the other villains? Find this on the next episode of Multiverse Chaos!

Next Episode - The "Boom" Encounter

Episode 2 - The "Boom" Encounter Edit

On the last episode, Sonic has been battling with Eggman. Eggman said that will conquer the multiverse. Sonic found Tails and they went to Tails House.

Eggman has been talking with 3 more Eggmans about asking to other villains to help the mad doctors prevent Sonic as find the Chaos Emeralds to finally destroy Sonic and conquer the multiverse!

Episode 2 - The "Boom" Encounter

Tails' House

Tails:Okay, we arrived at my house.

Sonic:Hello everybody! I arrived!

Knuckles:You're late Sonic. What you are doing all this time?

Sonic:I was battling with Eggman.

Tails:OK! ENOUGH! I called you because our world is in a big danger!

Sonic:What? But why?

Tails:My computer has verified a big danger at the universes.

Sonic:Really? This is impossible!

Amy:Who would make this awful thing?


Tails:Are you sure?

Sonic:Yeah. He said that will conquer the multiverse. We need to stop him.


Tails:What was that?

Sonic:And I know?

Knuckles:Look outside!

Sonic and his friends heard coughs.

???:Seriously Tails?! Your machine exploded!

Tails?:It's not my fault Amy! My machine give error or something!

Sonic:Huh? You is hearing this?

Amy:Yeah. We are hearing.

Suddenly, the Sonic and his crew from Sonic Boom dimension appears!

Boom Sonic:Great! Now we is now trapped in this dimension!

Boom Tails:Sonic! I told that it's not my FAULT! MY MACHINE GIVE ERROR!

Boom Sonic:Everybody shut up! There's some guys looking us!

Boom Knuckles:Huh? A house here?

Modern Sonic (whispering):Shoot! They found your house Tails!

Modern Tails (whispering):Shhhh! They will hear us!

Boom Sonic:Dudes, get behind. I will see who is in this house.

Modern Sonic (whispering):Everyone! Get down!

Boom Sonic went to the entrance of the house. He rang the bell.

Boom Sonic:Hello?! Somebody inside?! There is no one inside.

Boom Amy:Leave it to me.

Boom Sonic:A-Amy, what you will do?

Boom Amy:I will destroy this door with my hammer.

Boom Sonic:WHAT?!


Modern Tails (whispering):C'mon! They breaked the door of my house!

Boom Sonic:Huh? You heard this?

Modern Knuckles (whispering):Thanks Tails. Now they will find us because of your fault!

Boom Tails:Wait. I know what this voice is coming.

Boom Tails went and lifted the sofa.

Modern Sonic (whispering):No! No! NO!

Boom Tails:A-ha! Huh?

Modern Sonic:AH! WHAT-A!

Boom Sonic:Tails. You is looking what I'm looking?

Boom Tails:Y-Yeah Sonic. There's another US!


Boom Tails:W-Wait! Your house?

Modern Tails:Yeah! My house! And someone breaked the door of my house!

Boom Amy:Hehehe. Oops.

Boom Tails:Don't worry. I can fix it.

Tails:Really? Thanks.

Modern Sonic:Wow! I can't believe there's one more of me! AWESOME!

Boom Sonic:Yeah. On our dimension, we live on the Angel Island.

Modern Knuckles:W-Wait. You say Angel Island? THE ANGEL ISLAND IS IN THE OCEAN?

Boom Knuckles:Wowow! Calm down Modern me. It's okay. The Angel Island is not sinking.

Modern Knuckles:Phew. Thanks for telling me.

Modern Amy:OMG! Your hammer is beatiful!

Boom Amy:Thanks. Everyday, my hammer looks beatiful.

Modern Tails:Okay everyone! Enough talk! The multiverse is in a big danger.

Boom Tails:It's true. I constructed this little machine called Multiversal Danger Locator, or M.D.L to be short.

Boom Sonic:What a name Tails.

Boom Tails:This machine can alert danger in every universe, every dimension and every place.

Modern Sonic:Not bad Boom Tails.

Boom Tails:Thanks Modern Sonic. And the M.D.L located a danger in a place called "Mega Death Egg".

Everyone:Huh? Mega Death Egg?

Modern Sonic:Wait. I know this name. The Death Egg was a giant metallic moon with Eggman's face on the middle.

Boom Sonic:I know too. This Mega Death Egg can be a better version of Death Egg. But I didn't see Eggman some hours on my dimension.

Modern Sonic:I was fighting with Eggman of my dimension and he said that will conquer the multiverse.

Boom Knuckles:Wait. If the Eggman from your dimension will conquer the multiverse.

Modern Knuckles:The Eggman from the dimension of Boom Sonic will conquer with the Eggman of our dimension!

Modern Sonic:What?! We need to prevent this!

Suddenly, a strange thing fell from the sky and landed on Modern Tails' House Yard.

Boom Amy:Huh? Modern me, you heard?

Modern Amy:Yeah. I heard too!

Boom Amy:I think something fell. Let's go outside to see what is going on.

The Modern and Boom Amy went outside to see what fell from the sky.

Boom Amy:Huh? Nothing fell.

Modern Amy:I found it!

Boom Amy:What you found.

Modern Amy:This.

Boom Amy:It's a transmitter.

The Modern and Boom Amy went inside to show the other what they found.

Boom Amy:Friends! Me and Modern me found this transmitter!

Modern Tails:Really? Let's hear.

Modern Tails touched the play button.



Modern Eggman:Yeah it's me! Eggman! But the modern.

Modern Sonic:What you want Egghead?!

Modern Eggman:Well, when you defeated me Sonic, I went to my new stellar base. Mega Death Egg.

Boom Sonic:Wow. You're right about the Mega Death Egg place Tails.

Modern Eggman:And I was talking with the Boom me.

Boom Knuckles:Ha! I was right!


Boom Knuckles:Sorry.

Modern Eggman:And the classic me.

Modern Sonic and Tails:! Classic Eggman?!

Modern Eggman:Yeah. Classic me. The Dr. Robotnik. And we will collect the Chaos Emeralds to finally build Eggmanland and destroy you Sonic!

Modern Amy:As always, Everytime Eggman try to find the seven Chaos Emeralds.

Modern Sonic:Don't worry. With my agility, my strength and my super-sonic speed, Eggman will never collect the seven Chaos Emeralds.

Modern Eggman:But wait! The Boom me wants to speak one thing.

Boom Eggman:Yeah. It's my time now. You think that will collect the Chaos Emeralds without precaution right Sonic?

Boom Sonic:Yeah Egghead.

Boom Eggman:But you is wrong now. Me, Modern me and Classic me asked for help to villains from another dimensions. They will prevent you for collecting the Chaos Emeralds and finally the evil doctors will win! NYAHAHAHAHA!!!

Modern Tails:WHAT?! He say that they asked for other villains to help?

Modern Sonic:And one of the villains is Bowser, the king of Koopas.

Boom Sonic:Who is Bowser?

Modern Knuckles:Bowser it's a giant dinosaur-turtle that have a spiky shell on the back. He can even release fire through the mouth.

Boom Sonic:Oh. But we can't go to any dimension because our TAILS' portal machine has been destroyed.


Modern Tails:Calm down Boom me. Maybe your machine had a bug.


Modern Tails:I will build a new portal machine that don't have any bug or glitch okay?

Boom Tails:Thanks. :)

So, Modern Tails has been building the new portal machine that don't have bugs to your friends finally go to dimensions.

Modern Tails:All done!

Everyone looked the new portal machine that Modern Tails built.

Modern Tails:This is the new portal machine that don't have any bug. And have a computer too. Just write a dimension name that the machine will create a portal to go.

Boom Tails:Not bad Modern me! But are you sure that this machine don't have bug?

Modern Tails:100%.

Modern Amy:Okay, Tails built a new portal machine but first we need to rest.

Boom Amy:I agree with Modern me.

Modern Knuckles and Modern Tails Tails & Boom Knuckles, Boom Tails and Boom Sonic:Me too.

Modern Sonic don't said any word.

Boom Sonic:C'mon Modern me! Let's rest, so tomorrow we can begin our adventure. What you think?

Modern Sonic:But... But... Okay. Let's rest this night to tomorrow we go to find the Chaos Emeralds.

Everyone (less Sonic):YAY!

So, The Modern and Boom crew goes to take a rest on Modern Tails' House to tomorrow they find the seven Chaos Emeralds. But what will happen? Will the two crews find a emerald? Will some villain appear in Mobius? Find this on the next episode of Multiverse Chaos!

Next Episode - One Metal Madness

Episode 3 - One Metal Madness Edit

On the last episode, Tails was talking with Sonic and his friends of the world is being in danger. But suddenly, a strange explosion comes from outside. They encountered the Boom crew! They was speaking when a strange thing fell from the sky. It's a transmissor! The transmissor is from Eggman. Modern Eggman said that will collect the seven Chaos Emeralds as always. But Boom Eggman said that will ask help for another villains to prevent the Modern and Boom crew as collect the Chaos Emeralds.

Episode 3 - One Metal Madness

Tails' House

The Chaos Emerald finding day started.

Modern Sonic:Good morning everyone!

Everyone:Good morning Sonic!

Modern Sonic:Today is the day to find the seven Chaos Emeralds! Let's go!

Modern Tails:Wait Sonic!

Modern Sonic:What's wrong Tails?

Modern Tails:We need to take breakfast first before we begin the search.

Modern Sonic:Oh. I forgot. Let's take the breakfast.

Boom Sonic:I want eggs with bacon!

Boom Tails:I want a sweety orange juice!

Modern Amy:Me too!

After the breakfast...

Modern Sonic:Okay. We is ready. Are you ready Boom me?

Boom Sonic:Of course!

Modern and Boom Sonic:SUPERSONIC SPEED!

The Modern and Boom Sonic ran very fast!

Boom Tails:Everyday Sonic will be the faster.

Modern Tails:Yeah. Will be the faster forever.

Mega Death Egg

Modern Eggman has been looking his mega computer when the computer beeped.

Modern Eggman:Huh? Why the computer is beeping? Let's see what is happening on Mobius.

Modern Eggman:WHAT?! TWO SONICS?! Arghhhhh!

Boom Eggman:What's wrong?

Modern Eggman:We have bad news.

Dr. Robotnik:Why you is screaming so loud?

Modern Eggman:There's two sonics on Mobius!


Modern Eggman:This blue pest is making me angry! What do we do?

Dr. Robotnik:(thinking)... I have an idea!

Boom Eggman:What is your idea?

Dr. Robotnik:Let's release Metal Sonic!

Modern Eggman:PERFECT! Now Sonic and his friends will not disturb us. HAHAHAHAHA!


Boom Sonic:Argh! I can not find a Chaos Emerald! You see something?

Modern Sonic:Just grass and more grass. Nothing of Emerald. But wait! I have a solution!

Modern Sonic got a machine of his pocket.

Boom Sonic:Huh? What is this?

Modern Sonic:Tails constructed this. It's a C.E.L.

Boom Sonic:C.E.L?

Modern Sonic:That means Chaos Emerald Locator.

Boom Sonic:Wow! With this, will be more easy.

The C.E.L beeped.

Modern Sonic:Look! The C.E.L located a Chaos Emerald. Let's find it!

Boom Sonic:Oh yeah!

They ran very faster again.

Tails' House

Modern Amy:Tails. You think that the Sonics found a Chaos Emerald?

Modern Tails:I don't know Amy. But don't worry, you know the C.E.L that I gived to Sonic?

Modern Amy:Oh. I know now!

Boom Amy:What is a C.E.L?

Modern Amy:It's Chaos Emerald Locator. With he, they will now find the emeralds very easy.

Boom Tails:You are a genius.

Modern Tails:You mean "us" because you is me.

Boom Tails:Yes. It's true. Hehehe.

Tails' Computer beeped!

Modern Tails:Huh? My computer beeped again. Oh no!

Boom Tails:What happened?

Modern Tails:We have a problem!

Boom Tails:What is the problem?

The Sonics was still finding the Chaos Emeralds when the C.E.L beeped.

Modern Tails:Sonic! Sonic, you is hearing me?!

Modern Sonic:Yeah I'm hearing. What's wrong?

Modern Tails:We have an problem.

Modern Sonic:What is the problem?

Modern Tails:My computer beeped. There's something coming.

Modern Sonic:What? Something coming? But how?

Boom Sonic:Modern me! The machine found something?

Modern Sonic:Tails said that something is coming!

Boom Sonic:What?!

Modern Sonic:Tails said that something is coming!

The C.E.L beeped hard now!

Modern Sonic:Huh? The C.E.L beeped hard?!

Boom Sonic:I FOUND IT!

Modern Sonic:You found what?!


Modern Sonic:YAHOO! WE DID IT!

Suddenly, a shadow is coming in the side of the Chaos Emerald.


The Sonics stopped. And Metal Sonic appears!

Modern Sonic:Oh C'mon! We we're so close to take the Chaos Emerald!

Boom Sonic:Well, looks like we need to fight.

Modern Sonic:Yeah. Let's finish this.

So, the battle of Metal Sonic begins.

The Sonics gived punches, kicks and special attacks on Metal Sonic.

When the battle finish...

Boom Sonic:Uff, we finally give a lesson on this bolt brain.

Metal Sonic was going to explode.


Modern Sonic:We did it! We finally destroy Metal Sonic! Now let's just take the Chaos Emerald and...

Modern Eggman:Hohoho!

Modern and Boom Sonic:EGGMAN!

Modern Eggman:Looks like the hedgehogs defeated Metal Sonic.

Boom Sonic:Yeah, we defeated. Give the Chaos Emerald! Now!

Modern Eggman:I was going to accept but I have another business. So hasta la vista! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Modern Sonic:Come back Egghead! Now what do we do?

Boom Sonic:I don't know but let's return to Tails' House ok?

Modern Sonic:Uff. Okay.

So, the Sonics went back to Tails' House to think on a way to recover the Chaos Emerald from Eggman. But what will happen? Will the three Eggmans or the two crews find the other six Chaos Emeralds? Will the multiverse be conquered or saved? Find this on the next episode of Multiverse Chaos!

Next Episode - Some Mushroom Troubles

Episode 4 - Some Mushroom Troubles Part I Edit

On the last episode, The Sonics found a Chaos Emerald but suddenly Metal Sonic appears! They battled with Metal Sonic and Metal Sonic has been beated. But when they is battling, Eggman taked the Chaos Emerald. The Modern Sonic don't know what to do but the Boom Sonic said to go back to Tails' House. They went back to Tails House to speak what to do next.

Episode 4 - Some Mushroom Troubles Part I

When they went back to Tails House...

Boom Sonic:We arrived!

Modern Tails:Phew, I think that you thow is hurt.


Boom Amy:Geez. This cause a very shame.

Modern Sonic:Ouch! Amy, you is leaving us breathless!

Modern Amy:Oh, sorry.

Modern Knuckles:So, you two got the Chaos Emerald?

Modern Sonic:We tried but Metal Sonic has appeared and we needed to fight with he.

Boom Knuckles:And you lost the Chaos Emerald?

Boom Sonic:Yeah Knuckles. Eggman appeared and taked the Chaos Emerald.

The C.E.L beeped.

Modern Sonic:Huh? The C.E.L beeped!

Modern Tails:But, he not beeped for a Chaos Emerald.

Boom Amy:What you mean?

Modern Tails:He beeped for another source of power!

Modern Sonic:What? But how this is possible?

Modern Tails:I don't know.

Boom Tails:Let me see the C.E.L. I think that I can do some modifications.

Modern Sonic:Okay, just don't break the machine.

Boom Sonic:Yeah, we will need to find the Chaos Emeralds with this.

Boom Tails:Okay, all done! Now this can locate sources of power in another dimensions.

Modern Sonic:But, how?

Boom Tails:Easy. The screen will enter the name.

Modern Sonic:Okay, thanks. Now, let me see.

Boom Sonic:What is writed?

Modern:Oh, I know this dimension.

Boom Sonic:What dimension?

Modern Sonic:The Mushroom Kingdom dimension.

Modern Tails:I know too!

Modern Knuckles and Tails:Me too!

Boom Sonic:I don't know this dimension.

Modern Tails:The Mushroom Kingdom is a beatiful kingdom that is led by a sweet and beatiful princess called Princess Peach.

Boom Sonic:I still not understand.

Modern Sonic:If you don't understand, so stay here that I and my friends will go to Mushroom Kingdom.

Boom Tails:But why?

Modern Knuckles:Just stay here.

Boom Amy:Guys, let's stay here okay? We can relax until they come back.

Modern Sonic:See? She agree. We will back soon.

Boom Sonic:Okay. Good luck!

Modern Sonic:Thanks.

The Modern crew went outside.

Modern Tails:Okay, let me write the dimension... Okay, enter.

The portal activated.

Modern Sonic:Awesome!

Modern Knuckles:Not bad Tails.

Modern Amy:You is a genius Tails!

Modern Tails:Thanks friends. Now let's go to Mushroom Kingdom!

The Modern Crew:YEAH!

The Modern Crew went to Mushroom Kingdom to find the source of power.

Mega Death Egg

Modern Eggman:I did it! I got the Green Chaos Emerald!

Dr. Robotnik:Good. Now let's put on the Chaos Emerald Power Extractor.

The Modern Eggman put the Green Chaos Emerald on the extractor.

Boom Eggman:Okay, we found one of the emeralds. Now let's find the others.

The computer beeped.

Boom Eggman:Huh? The computer beeped again! This mean that it's something about Sonic again! Let's see. WHAT?!

Modern Eggman:What's wrong Boom me?



Boom Eggman:Sonic and his friends is in another dimension!

Modern Eggman:What?! Let me see. B-B-BUT HOW?! Wait, Tails build a portal machine! Of course!

Dr. Robotnik:Now, what do we do with these stupids?

Modern Eggman:I think that I have a idea.

Boom Eggman:What is the idea?

Modern Eggman:Let's call a big friend of mine.

Dr. Robotnik & Boom Eggman:Huh?

Mushroom Kingdom

Modern Sonic:Tails, you found something?

Modern Tails:Nothing.

Modern Sonic:Yeah, I think that this source is in a long distance.

Sonic hit the head with another thing.


Modern Sonic:Ouch! Hey, look what you walk!

???:I'm sorry sir. Huh? Wait a minute!

The Modern Crew:?

???:You is Sonic the Hedgehog!

Modern Sonic:Huh? You know me?

???:Yeah! I know you! I'm a fan of you!

Modern Sonic:Oh. Thanks but how are you?

Toad:I am a toad from Toad Town.

Modern Sonic:Toad Town?

Toad:Yeah! The Toad Town is a little village that have lots of toads! And in the side, have the castle of our beatiful princess!

Modern Tails:It's Princess Peach right?

Toad:Wait, I know you three too! It's Tails, Knuckles and Amy!

Modern Amy:Wow! You know us!

Toad:Yep. You four want to visit our town?

Modern Tails:We wanted but we is occuped now.

Modern Sonic:Oh C'mon Tails! A little visit does not hurt.

Modern Amy:Yeah Tails. Let's just visit and we will get back to work!

Modern Tails:Uff. Okay. I have another choice?

Modern Knuckles:Nope.

Modern Tails:Okay.

They went to Toad Town to visit. But there's a strange thing floating in the sky.

???:Bwahahahaha! With this stupids going to Toad Town, I can kidnap the princess and defeat Sonic as Eggman said to me!

When they arrived at Toad Town...

Toad:Toads! We have a visit! It's Sonic the Hedgehog!

The Toads got excited with Sonic's appearence!

Modern Sonic:Thanks. Thanks all the Toads from Toad Town! Me and my friends is just finding a source of power that C.E.L located. So, somebody can help me?

Another Toad:I have an idea!

Modern Sonic:What is your idea Toad?

Another Toad:Why you and your friends don't visit Professor E. Gadd?

Modern Sonic:Professor E. Gadd?

Another Toad:Yeah! He can help you to find the source of power that you said.

Modern Sonic:Thanks but where the Professor E. Gadd is?

Another Toad:He is in your house on the north. But first why don't visit our beatiful princess?

Modern Sonic:Sorry but we is occuped now. Maybe another time.

Modern Tails:Yeah. Thanks for saying to us where Professor E. Gadd is!

Toad:You're welcome!

The Modern Crew went to Professor E. Gadd's house in the north.

Meanwhile, Bowser and his troops appeared to attack the town and kidnap the princess.


Bowser:Yeah it's me. Now I will kidnap the princess. Excuse me.

Toad:Bowser! Get ready because The Mario Bros will do a lesson on you!

Bowser:Bwahahahaha! We will see.

Meanwhile, The Modern crew finally found E. Gadd's house.

Modern Knuckles:FINALLY! We arrived.

Modern Tails:Yeah. Now let's see the professor and talk with he if have an solution to find the new weird source.

They entered in E. Gadd's house.

Modern Sonic:Professor?! Professor E. Gadd?! Are you here?!

Modern Tails:Sonic, I think that the professor is not here.

???:Who is here?

Modern Sonic:Huh? P-P-Professor? Is that you?

Professor E. Gadd:Of course it's me! But who are you?

Modern Sonic:I am Sonic, the Hedgehog. This is Miles Tails Prower, Knuckles the Echidna and Amy Rose.

Professor E. Gadd:Hello you four. Welcome to my lab.

Modern Tails:A lab? Amazing!

Professor E. Gadd:Thanks. Wow! You have two tails!

Modern Tails:Yeah. I'm a two-tailed fox.

Professor E. Gadd:I never seen a two-tailed fox before! Awesome!

Modern Tails:Thanks but we're here to see if you can help us.

Professor E. Gadd:Help with what?

Modern Tails:The C.E.L found a new source of power in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Professor E. Gadd:What is C.E.L?

Modern Tails:It's a little machine that I called Chaos Emerald Locator.

Professor E. Gadd:Let me see.

Modern Tails:Here.

Professor:Incredible this technology Tails. I will make an modifications to help you finding the new source of power that you said.

Modern Tails:Okay. We will wait.

2 hours later...

Professor E. Gadd:Done!

Modern Tails:It's all done?

Professor E. Gadd:Yeah. Now the C.E.L can locate another sources of power. I call this P.S.L!

Modern Sonic:What?

Modern Tails:I understand! P.S.L is Power Source Locator right?

Professor E. Gadd:Correct! What smart are you Tails.

Modern Tails:Thanks. And thanks for your help E. Gadd!

Professor E. Gadd:You're welcome.

Modern Tails:Okay let's see the weird source... Huh?

Modern Amy:What's wrong Tails?

Modern Tails:It's a star!

Modern Sonic:What? Let me see. GEEZ! TAILS IS RIGHT! IT'S A STAR!

Professor E. Gadd:A star? That means...


Modern Sonic:What was that?!

Professor E. Gadd:Princess Peach's castle is being attacked!

Modern Sonic:What? But who?

Modern Knuckles:Bowser! He is the one who every time attack the castle to kidnap Princess Peach.

Modern Amy:We need to save Princess Peach! She is a friend of mine!

Modern Sonic:You're right Amy. Let's go to the Peach's castle! You talk to us what is that star later Professor!

Professor:Okay! Be careful!

The Modern Crew went to Peach's Castle to stop Bowser for kidnapping Princess Peach. But what will happen next? Will Sonic and his friends save the princess from Bowser? Will the Eggmas finally conquer the multiverse? Find this on the next episode of Multiverse Chaos!

Next Episode - Some Mushroom Troubles Part II

Episode 5 - Some Mushroom Troubles Part II Edit

So, the Modern Crew went to Mushroom Kingdom to find the new source of power that the C.E.L located. But they found a toad that is a fan of Sonic and he said to make a visit on Toad Town. Sonic said that need help to find the source and a toad said that why don't speak with Professor E. Gadd? Sonic and his friends liked idea that they went to E. Gadd's house. When they arrived, they found Professor E. Gadd. The professor did some modifications to help the crew. Now the Chaos Emerald Locator turned into Power Source Locator! The P.S.L show a star image to Sonic and his friends. E. Gadd was goind to say what this star is when they heard a huge explosion! It was Bowser's troops attacking the castle! Sonic and his friends went to Peach's Castle to solve this dilemma!

Episode 5 - Some Mushroom Troubles Part II

Modern Sonic:Guys! We're close to arrive in Peach's Castle!

Modern Knuckles:Let's do an lesson on that big turtle!

Modern Sonic:Good one Knuckles! Let's kick Bowser's butt!

The Modern Crew:Yeah!

Sonic and his friends finally arrived at Peach's castle.

Bowser:Bwahahahaha!!! I finally kidnap Princess Peach and nobody can save her!

Modern Sonic:You is wrong Bowser!

Bowser:Huh? Sonic! I was waiting for you. And your friends too.

Modern Sonic:Leave the princess alone or we will kick your butt!

Bowser:Bwahahahaha! Seriously? My troops can easily defeat you four.

Modern Knuckles:I can defeat your troops with my punches.

Modern Amy:And I with my hammer.

Modern Tails:And I with my two-tail attack.

Modern Sonic:And me with my speed.

Bowser:Really? Let's see if you four can. GOONS, ATTACK!

Appeared lot's of Bowser's goons on the airships to attack Sonic and his friends.

The Modern Crew has been battling with Bowser's goons when they defeated all.

Bowser:Arghhhhh! You defeated all of my goons. But it's time for a new battle. JUNIOR!

Bowser Jr:Yes Papa?

Bowser:These four wants to save the princess. You can prevent?

Bowser Jr:Of course! Hey stupids! No one will save Princess Peach! I'm Bowser Jr! And with my new invention I will defeat you!

Modern Sonic:We will see but what is this "new invention" that you said?

Bowser Jr:This is just my new invention that is called Mecha Clown Car.

Modern Sonic:What a name.

Bowser Jr:Hey! Don't mock the name! It's hard to choose a name to a machine.

Modern Sonic:Well, you can't defeat us Jr.

Bowser Jr:I can't? You is lying!

Modern Sonic:I'm lying? So, let's battle!

The Battle of Bowser Jr begins.

Sonic and his friends was battling with Bowser Jr when...

Bowser Jr:Uff. You four is strong. But you don't know that my machine have an special attack!

Modern Sonic:What? Special Attack?

Bowser Jr:Yeah! And I will show! SUPER SHELL STOMP!!!


Sonic and his friends get hit!

Modern Sonic:Ouch! How this is possible?

Bowser Jr:It's possible. Now, let's try again. SUPER SHELL STOMP!

Sonic and his friends get hurt again.

Modern Sonic:OUCH! THAT HURTS!

Bowser Jr:Hahahahaha! Now for the grand finale, let's smash Sonic!

Modern Tails & Knuckles & Amy:NOOOOOO!!!

Bowser Jr was going to crush Sonic when a hammer hitted the machine!

Bowser Jr:Ouch! What happened! Huh? OH NO!

Modern Sonic:H-Huh? I-It's...

Modern Tails:It's...

Modern Crew:MARIO!!!

Mario:Bowser Jr! Get out of here!

Bowser Jr:Argh! You stupids! I was going to smash Sonic!

Mario:But you miss!

Luigi:Hey! Don't forget me!

Bowser Jr:I will smash you two!

Mario:Let's see if your machine can survive our special power.

Bowser Jr:!

Modern Crew:!


Mario and Luigi launched a united thunder and fireball into Bowser Jr's machine!

The Machine was going to explode!


Modern Sonic:Argh. He speaks too much. By the way, thanks for saving us Mario and Luigi.

Mario:You're welcome Sonic.

Modern Tails:Hey Luigi! Long time no see!

Luigi:It's true my two-tailed friend!

Mario:So, what's going on?

Modern Sonic:We found a other source of power in the P.S.L. And he show a star image. And we want to discover what is that source of power.

Luigi:Let me see. Oh, this is a Power Star!

Modern Sonic:Huh, what?

Mario:You don't know what is a Power Star?

Modern Sonic:Sorry but no.

Mario:Let me explain.

A Power Star is a shiny-yellow star that contains a hyper-star power. If you got lots, you have a imense power!

Modern Sonic:It's similiar to the Chaos Emeralds!

Mario:Chaos Emeralds?

Modern Sonic:Huh? You don't know what is Chaos Emerald?


Modern Sonic:It's my time to explain now.

The Chaos Emeralds are 7 gems that contains imense powers. If you collect all the 7, you gain ultimate power.

Mario:Wow! I never heard this!

Modern Sonic:Yeah. It's because in the Olympic Games I never brought a Chaos Emerald to show you.

Mario:But Sonic, The Olympic Games was last year.

Modern Sonic:Okay, okay. But Bowser taked Princess Peach to his castle. We need to save her.

Mario:That's right! I and Luigi will save her.

Modern Sonic:No! I and Tails will help you two. Knuckles and Amy! Go back to our dimension. We will take care of this problem.

Modern Amy:But Sonic! You will be hurt!

Modern Sonic:Don't worry Amy. I'll be fine.

Modern Knuckles:C'mon Amy. Let's went back to Tails' House.

Modern Amy:But, But, Okay then.

Modern Sonic:See ya!

Modern Knuckles & Amy:See ya!

So, Knuckles and Amy went back to Tails' House in Sonic's dimension.

Modern Sonic:Guys! Wait a second! I and Tails don't know where Bowser live.

Mario:He live in his castle Sonic.

Modern Sonic:Really? I did not know this. So, let's go to Bowser's castle to kick Bowser's butt and save Princess Peach okay?!

Mario & Luigi & Tails:YEAH!

Meanwhile in Bowser's Castle...

Bowser:Hmmm... Where is Bowser Jr?

Bowser Jr:PAPA!

Bowser:Huh? Bowser Jr? What happened to you?

Bowser Jr:They defeated me Papa!

Bowser:Sonic and his friends defeated you?

Bowser Jr:But not alone! The Mario Brothers appeared!

Bowser:What? Arghhhhh! I hate these moustached stupids.

Princess Peach:Bowser! The Mario Brothers will come here, defeat you and save me! Just wait!

Bowser:Really Peach? Because I don't know if they can come here.

Princess Peach:What you mean?

Bowser:I will ask Eggman to send us to his new lair with this!

Bowser Jr:What is this Papa?

Bowser:This is a Dimensional Phone. With this I can call for people from another dimensions,

Princess Peach:No! Please don't do this!

Bowser:Too late! Bwahahahaha!!!


So, the Mario Brothers, Sonic and Tails went to Bowser's castle to save Princess Peach. Bowser call for Eggman to send they to Mega Death Egg. But what will happen next? Will the Multiverse be conquered or saved? Will the 4 heroes save the Princess from Bowser? Find this on the next Episode of Multiverse Chaos!

Next Episode - The Koopa Madness

Episode 6 - The Koopa Madness Edit

On the last episode, Sonic and his friends went to Mushroom Kingdom to prevent Bowser for kidnapping Princess Peach. When they arrived, they battled with Bowser Jr. But when Bowser Jr's machines was losing strength, Bowser Jr used his special attack. When Sonic was now losing strength, Bowser Jr went to crush Sonic but the Mario Brothers prevent. The Mario Brothers used his special attack in Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr give up and went back to Bowser's Castle. Sonic thanked to Mario and Luigi for saving he. Sonic explained to Mario about the P.SL and Mario see, said that is a Power Star and explained too. Sonic said that is similiar as the Chaos Emeralds and explained too. Mario said that he and his brother will save the princess. But Sonic said that he and Tails will help and said to Knuckles and Amy to return to Tails' House. But wait! Sonic don't know where Bowser live! But Mario said that he live in his castle. So, the Mario Brothers, The blue hedgehog and the two-tailed fox went to Bowser's Castle to save Princess Peach. Meanwhile in Bowser's Castle, Bowser see Bowser Jr and Bowser Jr said that was been defeated by Sonic and Mario. Bowser call Eggman to go to Mega Death Egg with the Dimensional Phone. Now, the 4 heroes went to Bowser's castle to save the day!

Episode 6 - The Koopa Madness

Mario & Luigi & Sonic and Tails was running to Bowser's Castle.

Modern Sonic:Tails! We are close at Bowser's Castle?

Modern Tails:Let me see!

Modern Tails flies to see if they is close at Bowser's Castle.

Modern Tails:Yeah! Bowser's Castle is ahead!

Mario:Good! But watch out!

Mario Sonic:Watch out with what?

Mario:There's bowser's goons in every part!


Bowser's Castle

Modern Sonic:Okay, we arrived.

Mario (whispering):Shhhhh. You need to remain silent or Bowser's goons will hear.

Modern Sonic (whispering):Sorry.

They was walking silently to not alert Bowser's goons.

Suddenly, Luigi was going to sneeze.

Luigi (whispering):Ah, Ah, Ah!

Mario (whispering):No Luigi! Don't sneeze!

Modern Sonic (whispering):If he sneeze, we're screwed.

Luigi (whispering):Ahhhhh!

Mario put his index finger on Luigi's nose.

Luigi (whispering):Thank you.


Modern Sonic:Shoot! Luigi alerted the guards!

Lots of Bowser's goons appeared.

Modern Sonic:Great. Now there's a lot of Bowser's minions! Thanks to Luigi for this.

Suddenly, a black hammer bro appeared. It's Army Hammer Bro!

Army Hammer Bro:Stop right there! We got you Mario brothers! And two more too.

Mario:We're here to save the princess Army Hammer Bro!

Modern Sonic:Army Hammer Bro?

Mario:He is one of Bowser's elite guards.

Army Hammer Bro:Listen! You will save nothing. TROOPS! ATTACK!

Modern Sonic:Well, I think that we will need to fight one more time. Let's battle!

Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Tails was fighting with lots of Bowser's goons.

When all the goons was been defeated...

Army Hammer Bro:Arghhhhh! These stupids! But now you four will need to defeat me!

Modern Sonic:Really?

Army Hammer Bro:Yeah.

Modern Sonic:Will be easy. Easy as a piece of cake.

Army Hammer Bro:You think that will be easy? You are mistaken.

Suddenly, Spiky Hammers appeared in Army Hammer Bro's hand.

Army Hammer Bro:Look what I have now?

Modern Sonic:Seriously? Spiky Hammers? This is nothing compared to my speed!

Army Hammer Bro:Oh, really? So, let's see.

The battle of Army Hammer Bro begins.

Sonic was running to make Army Hammer Bro dizzy. But Army Hammer Bro throwed a Spiky Hammer on the ground.

Modern Sonic:Hahaha! Miss!

Army Hammer Bro:Really?

The Spiky Hammer maked spikes on the ground.

Modern Sonic:Ah!

Sonic was trying to stop but he stumbled on the spikes and fell.

Modern Sonic:But, but how?

Army Hammer Bro:My spiky hammers have a special power that when I throw one, make spikes appear.

Modern Sonic:Argh! This can't make me give up!

Sonic ran to attack Army Hammer Bro.

Army Hammer Bro throwed one more Spiky Hammer on the ground and more spikes appeared.

Sonic evaded.

Modern Sonic:Hah! Take this Army Hammer Bro!

Army Hammer Bro:Really?

Army Hammer Bro cliked your finger and spikes appeared on the front of Sonic.

Sonic stumbled and fell again.

Modern Sonic:Uff. This guy's hammers are strong than me.

Modern Tails:Sonic! I need to help he!

Mario:But Tails! It's dangerous!

Modern Tails:This doesn't matter! Sonic is my friend and I need to help he! Whatever the cost!

Mario:Tails! Be careful.

Modern Tails:Sonic!

Modern Sonic:Tails? What you is doing! You will be hurt!

Modern Tails:I don't care! I will protect you! We are best friends!

Modern Sonic:You're right Tails.

Suddenly, a flash appeared on Sonic and Tails' body.

Modern Sonic:W-What is g-going on?!

Modern Tails:I d-don't know Sonic!

Luigi:Wait a minute. Mario! They is getting your duo special attack!


The flash ended.

Modern Tails:What happened?

Mario:You two got your Duo Special Attack!

Modern Sonic:What?

Mario:I said that you two got your duo special attack!

Modern Sonic:Duo Special Attack?

Modern Tails:Sonic. Why we don't use to defeat Army Hammer Bro?

Modern Sonic:Huh? Oh yeah! Prepare you stupid! Because we will catch you now!

Army Hammer Bro:Bring it on!

Sonic and Tails created a big tornado to defeat Army Hammer Bro.

Luigi:Wow! Look at this Mario!

Mario:I'm looking Luigi!

Army Hammer Bro:What the heck is this thing?! A tornado?!

The tornado has been getting close to Army Hammer Bro.

Army Hammer Bro:Oh damn! Don't get close! I'm warning!

The tornado is getting very close!

Army Hammer Bro:NOOOOOO!!!

The tornado of Sonic and Tails gave Army Hammer Bro a major damage!

Army Hammer Bro:Oh. I'm... very... injured. S-Sorry... Mister... Bowser.

Army Hammer Bro fainted.

Modern Sonic:WOW! This attack was amazing!

Modern Tails:Yeah. I need to agree.

Modern Sonic:And we defeated this stupid. So, let's get going!

Mario:Wow! We are impressed with your duo special attack!

Modern Sonic:Thanks Mario. Now let's save the princess before Bowser escape.

Mario & Luigi:Okey Dokey!

The 4 went to the top of the castle.

When they finally arrive the top...

Modern Sonic:Finally! WHAT?!

Bowser:Bwahahahaha!!! It's too late for you four!

Princess Peach:MARIO!

Mario:Princess! Drop her now!

Bowser:Never! We will go to Mega Death Egg!

Modern Sonic:EGGMAN'S HOME?!

Bowser:Yeah. And we will rule the multiverse together!

Mario:You is crazy Bowser!

Bowser:YEAH! When we rule the Multiverse, I will build a new kingdom for my sons and my new wife.

Princess Peach:I'm not your wife!

Bowser:You will be. So, see ya stupid brothers, stupid cat and stupid fox!

Modern Sonic:WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME? YOU CALL ME CAT? Now you is screwed!

Bowser:Let's see. GWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Bowser went to Mega Death Egg with Princess Peach and the portal closes.

Mario:So, what we will do now?

Modern Sonic:I and Tails will solve this. We will need to went back to our dimension. So, bye Mario Brothers!

Mario Brothers:Bye Sonic and Tails!

So, Sonic and Tails went back to his dimension to solve this problem. But what will happen next? Will Sonic and his friends save the Multiverse from the villains? Will the villains get to conquer the multiverse? Find this on the next episode of Multiverse Chaos!

Next Episode - Returning to Find the Star

Episode 7 - Returning to Find the Star Edit

On the last episode, Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Tails went to Bowser's castle to save Princess Peach. They was walking silently in the castle but Luigi sneezed. The guards and Army Hammer Bro appeared. When they defeated the enemies, Army Hammer Bro used Spiky Hammers to battle. Sonic tried to battle but with the Spiky Hammers, Army Hammer Bro is able to make Sonic in the ground. But then, Tails appeared to help Sonic. A flashy light appeared on Sonic and Tails' body! Sonic and Tails gained his duo special attack. They used your special attack and created a tornado. The tornado defeated Army Hammer Bro! When Sonic and Tails defeated Army Hammer Bro, they went to the top. Bowser has going to Mega Death Egg when they arrived. It was too late. Bowser goes to Mega Death Egg. Sonic said that he will solve this going to his dimension. So, they went to his dimension to think on a solution of this.

Episode 7 - Returning to Find the Star

When the Modern Sonic and Tails arrived at Tails' House...

Modern Sonic:Heyo! We arrived!

The Boom Sonic opened the door.

Boom Sonic:Welcome back Modern me! Modern Amy tell what happened.

Modern Sonic:Really? Okay then.

Boom Sonic:So, did you find the source?

Modern Sonic:Source? What source?

Boom Sonic:The strange power source that the C.E.L located.

Modern Sonic:Shoot! We forgot to get the Power Star!

Boom Sonic:Excuse me but what is a Power Star?

Modern Sonic:It's a shiny star that have the same power that a Chaos Emerald have.

Boom Sonic:Oh. And you don't collected right?

Modern Sonic:Yeah. But let's enter to continue this conversation okay?

Boom Sonic:Okay.

The Boom Sonic entered in the house.

Modern Tails:Man, I don't said one word.

Modern Sonic:Sorry Tails. But inside you will talk with us.

Modern Tails:Okay.

The Modern Sonic and Tails entered in the house.