These are the characters from the new series,Sonic Tones.

Sonic Tones MembersEdit

Sonic:The lead singer of the band and guitarist.Though he is the leader,many of his band mates don't like him being the famous one.

Shadow:Plays guitar and the background.Sometimes lead sings.

Amy:Singer and guitarist.

Tails:Drummer and singer.

Megan Acorn:Singer,trumpeter,and piano player.

Underground Sounds MembersEdit

Manic:Lead Singer and guitarist.

Sonia:Singer and piano player.


Rutan:Singer and can play other instruments.

The Egg RockersEdit

Eggman:Band leader.

Monty:[Tails' brother]Singer and guitarist.

Harlan:Plays trumpet,piano,and is a singer.

Amelia Rose:[Amy's sister]Lead singer.