When Shadow is the lead suspect in a robbery,Alicia goes to Sonic and Shade for help.

A Very Shadowy InvestigationEdit

Shade:[walking with Sonic and Aerial]You're gonna love it Sonic.

Aerial:Why cant you just tell us about the surprise?

Sonic:Well if she told me,it wouldn't be a surprise.Aren't you going to Cream's house to stay over tonight?

Aerial:Yep.Charmy is gonna be there too.

Shade:Here we are.

Sonic:You rented us office space?Awesome.

Shade:[walking in the building with the others]I thought we could do our paperwork and stuff here.Plus we could take private jobs.

Sonic:Awesome.But,how are we paying for this?

Shade:It's only 200 a month.Plus with you and me getting payed and all the extra work coming in,we can keep the rent up.

Sonic:Sure hope so.

Aerial:Can I hang out here too?

Sonic:There is not much to do around here Aerial.

[later that same evening]

Sonic:[walking in the office]I'm back.I had to take Aerial to Cream's house.

Shade:Come help with some of this paperwork.

Sonic:Do you really think this office plan is gonna work?

Shade:Success will come walking in soon.[someone knocks on door]

Sonic:I'll get it.[opens door]Hey Alicia,what's going on.

Alicia:I'm down here because of Shadow.


Shade:Have a seat.Now what about Shadow?

Alicia:They think he's stealing from G.U.N. and giving their secret documents and what not to other forces.

Sonic:Go to the police then.

Alicia:They'll go against me.That's why I'm coming to you.

Sonic:No.We can't take that case.

Shade:Can you excuse us for a second?[whispering to Sonic]Why can't we take the case?

Sonic:We'd be working with one of G.U.N.'s agents.A top agent at that.We can put ourselves at risk.You know how the Captain feels about G.U.N.

Shade:Yea.But if we don't say anything about helping out Shadow,then we wont get caught.


Shade:We'll take the case.

Alicia:Great.I'll pay you some how.

Shade:No.We're taking this one for free.

Narrator:Later at Alicia's apartment.

Alicia:[opening her door]Well Shadow is here,but he doesn't want to talk to you.

Sonic:What else is new?

Shade:Sonic,don't start trouble.[walking in with the others]

Alicia:Shadow!I guess he isn't here.

Shade:What's this?[picking up the box]

Alicia:[takes box from Shade]I don't know.[opens package]I have no idea what this means.

Sonic:Let me see.[takes paper]Take one off and scratch my head.What's once was black is red instead.

Shade:A match.

Sonic:But what does this have to do with Shadow?

Narrator:Later the next night around 10:00 at the office.

Sonic:[asleep at his desk]

Shade:[cleaning up]Almost done.[cell phone rings]Hello.Oh hi Alicia.

Alicia:[on the other end]G.U.N. just called me and told me that now their chaos emerald is missing.They said Shadow was trusted with the key to this area.

Shade:We'll get to the bottom of this.

Alicia:Ok.But Shadow didn't come home last night.Have you seen him?


Alicia:Ok.I'll call over to G.U.N to see he's there.

Shade:We'll come over in a few minutes.[hangs up]Sonic wake up,it's time to go.


Narrator:At Alicia's house.

Alicia:G.U.N. said they haven't seen him either.And now I'm worried.

Sonic:[cell phone rings]Hello.

Shadow:If you look at the numbers on my face,you wont find 13 any place.Help me Son...[phone cuts off]

Sonic:He said that if you look at the numbers on my face,you wont find 13 any place.What does that mean?

Shade:It's a clock.What does a clock and a match have in common?

Sonic:He sounded like he was high up when he said it because I could hear the wind in the background.

Shade:Oh my goodness.

Alicia:What is it?

Shade:The clock tower is where he is.And there has to be bomb there because of the match.

Sonic:We've gotta get down there.

Narrator:Later at the clock tower.

Sonic:[getting to the top of the tower with the others]There he is.

Shadow:[tied up]I thought you would never make it.

Sonic:How much time does that bomb have left on it?

Shadow:30 seconds.

Sonic:Stay here,I'll get rid of it.[speeds up the face of the clock and jumps high in the air]

Narrator:As Sonic jumps in the air,Shadow,Shade,and Alicia look up.They can no longer see Sonic.Just then the bomb explodes.Sending Sonic plummeting into the street.

Shade:[running into the street]Sonic,are you okay.

Sonic:[waking up]Huh.My leg hurts.

Alicia:Call an ambulance.

Narrator:Later at the Hospital.

Dr.Quack:Sonic it appears,that you may have sprained your ankle.So no more running for a while.

Sonic:Thanks Doc.

Aerial:[runs in and hops on the bed and hugs Sonic]Hi Sonic.How are you

Sonic:I've been better.

Alicia:[hits Shadow in his side]


Alicia:Say it.

Shadow:Thanks for saving me.

Sonic:No problem.

Shade:But we never really found out who stole those documents.

Sonic:Guess we'll always wonder.I'm just glad Cappy didn't find out.

Captain Tai:Oh really?

[all laughed]

End of Episode