In this episode,Blackjack tells the public of his plans.Meanwhile,Sonic and Shade investigate the situation undercover.

Blackjack's Revenge Edit

Narrator:Meanwhile,down at the office.

Sonic:[running in the office]Check this out.I finally got mom to get me an I phone.

Shade:That's nice.You have fun with your phone while I just solve this little case I'm working on.

Sonic:Fine.What do we got?

Shade:Just a missing persons case.

Anonymous Citizen:Come look in the T.V. shop.

Narrator:As Sonic and Shade run down to the television shop,they notice Blackjack on T.V.

Blackjack:Your leaders have withheld information.As you know,I can destroy this city at will.Unless you turn over who Enerjak really is.If you resist me,I will destroy the world,as you know it.

Sonic:Wow,well back to work.

Shade:What are you talking about?We just got another case.

Narrator:Later at Bernie's house.

Bernie:Aerial,did you get all the dishes washed?


Sonic:[walking in the front door]Hey,what's going on?

Aerial:Well,I auditioned for my school talent show.It's in about 5 days,are you coming?

Sonic:Well,I don't know.


Sonic:I'll see if I can make it.

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