This is a list of characters in the up and coming series Zone Detectives.To see about the series',view the discussion.I also note that this doesn't run on any timeline.Characters such as Lara Su exist at the same time as Sonic still being 17.

Mobius Police Department CharactersEdit

Sonic:The newest detective along with Shade the echidna at the Mobius Police Department.Sonic is stubborn and doesn't easily give up.It's his mother Bernie that persuaded him to join the police force.Sonic is just hoping that Shade doesn't slow him down on his adventures.

Shade:She just joined the same time Sonic did.She wants to be a detective.Coming from a family of Mobius' finest,all she ever wanted to do was get into law enforcement.Sonic describes her as sounding like she swallowed a grammar book.She didn't want to be paired with Sonic,but she's gonna have to to be a detective.

Lieutenant Walker:He's been on the force for 8 years and loves his reign at the top of the other officers especially Shade and Sonic.Though he doesn't have a problem with Shade,it's Sonic that angers him.Always getting the better jobs and promotions.

Captain Tai:He is the head of the department and has been here for 15 years and loves his job.Also is always giving the junior detectives advice.

Lieutenant Lupe:She has been here for 2 years.She speaks her mind.She loves being head of most of the investigations and isn't shy about saying so.She is rather reckless when it comes to her work.

G.U.N. CharactersEdit

Commander Tower:He's the head of G.U.N. and dispatches missions to his agents.He takes over most of the department's top investigation.G.U.N. is a little more high tech than the department,but Tower makes sure they get the job done right.

Shadow:The highest agent of G.U.N. and loves his job there.Shadow is in constant competition with Sonic and Shade and makes sure that these junior detectives don't get ahead of G.U.N. by any means necessary.

Rouge:Another agent of G.U.N. and Shadow's partner.Rouge is sneaky and sometimes takes matters into her own hands on her missions.

E-123 Omega:No task is to big or to small for this robot.Omega is also a part of G.U.N.


Blackjack:One of the biggest villains in the Mobius Prime zone.Your importance is what means your well being around him.Blackjack is out for the money.He hates Enerjak and would like nothing more but to see him destroyed.He also doesn't like police.

Enerjak:With all the chaos powers,he is virtually impossible to defeat.Enerjak is out to rule all zones.Enerjak's identity remains a mystery.Blackjack is out to find out who he is and get rid of him.Enerjak was recently put in a capsule to rest and never be let out again.But he later is released in the story.