Sonic,being fashionably late all the time,hasn't been getting around like he usually is.

Hurry Up SonicEdit

Narrator:At the office.

Shade:We have so many cases right now that I don't even have time for my writing.

Sonic:[yawning]I'm so tired,I'm about to head home.

Shade:We should take off and take a vacation.I could use one.

Sonic:Yea I could too.[putting on his coat]I'm gonna head home.

Shade:See Ya.

Narrator:Exactly 5 minutes later.

Cream:[running in the office]Can I speak to Sonic please.

Shade:You just missed him.May I ask who you are?

Cream:I'm Cream the rabbit.Aerial's friend.

Shade:Oh,how old are you?

Cream:13.When did he leave?

Shade:Exactly 5 minutes ago.

Cream:He wasn't there at dinner at my house.We arranged for him and Aerial to come but he never came.My mom already said Aerial could spend the night.Could you give me a ride home?


Narrator:The next morning at Bernie's house.

Bernie:You didn't go to Vanilla's for dinner.

Sonic:I forgot.It's just one dinner.

Bernie:Not to Aerial.

Aerial:[coming in the house]Hey everyone.

Bernie:Did you have fun?

Aerial:Yes.Dinner was great.The dinner that Sonic failed to show up to.


Aerial:My school talent show is tomorrow night.Me and Charmy are performing a song.Are you gonna be there on time?

Sonic:I'll be there.Everyone at the department is coming.

Aerial:Don't disappoint me.

Narrator:Later the next night.

Sonic:[dressing up]Where is Aerial?

Bernie:[getting her purse]She had to get there early.Are you ready?

Sonic:Yea.[cell phone rings]Hello.

Shadow:[on the other end]Sonic I got us tickets to the basketball game.

Sonic:Well I can't go.Since when do you call me anyway?

Shadow:Come on man,these tickets aren't cheap.


Shadow:All right see there.

Sonic:Bye.Hey ma,go ahead without me.I'll catch the bus.

Bernie:Ok.[shuts door]

Narrator:Later at the talent show.

Announcer:Up next is Charmy and Aerial singing Dreams Dreams.

Aerial:In a dream,I can see,you are not far away.

Any time,any place,I can see your face.

You're the one,that I've been waiting for.

And I hope you're looking for someone just like me.

Charmy:In my dreams...I can hear you calling me.

In the night...Everything's so sweet.

In you eyes...I feel,there's so much inside...

Both:In the night's...dream delight,I want to see you standing there.

Narrator:Aerial then looked into the audience and saw that Sonic wasn't sitting next to Bernie.After the song Aerial told Bernie she would stay at Cream's house for the night.Later when Bernie got to the house.

Sonic:[coming in the door]That was a great game.Ma are you home.

Bernie:Question is,where have you been?

Sonic:Went to the game with Shadow.It was good to.

Bernie:Boy,you know you should have been at Aerial's school talent show.

Sonic:Was it good?

Bernie:She burst out in tears after the show.She went to Cream's because she didn't want to be here to see you.

Sonic:Guess I really messed up.

End Of Episode