In this episode,A piece of Aerial's memory comes back.And she tries out Tails' new machine.Meanwhile,they prepare for Sonic and Shade to come back from the lava reef zone.

In The Mind Of AerialEdit

Bernie:Did you get the ribbons put up?


Bernie:Is the cake done?


Bernie:And who is on the guest list?

Aerial:Cream,Vanilla,Shadow,Alicia,Captain Tai,Mr.Rosachuck,Charmy,Vector,and Espio.


Aerial:And my brother will be home tomorrow.

Bernie:Your what?

Aerial:My brother Sonic.Don't you consider me a part of the family?

Bernie:Of course.So from now on,call me Mom.

Aerial:Ok Mom.

Narrator:Later that evening at Cream's house in the backyard.

Cream:Are you excited about Sonic getting home.

Aerial:I am.He's like my big brother now.

Cream:He's fun to play around too.He once gave me a piggyback going 300 miles per hour.

Aerial:That sounds cool.

Cream:I'm gonna go climb in my favorite tree.

Aerial:[standing under the branch Cream is sitting on]Do you always sit up there?

Cream:Yes.[standing on the branch]I'm gonna climb higher than usual.[branch cracks and falls on Aerial]Aerial get up.

Narrator:Aerial was soon rushed to a nearby hospital.

Sonic:[at the bus station with Shade and his cell phone rings]Hello.What?We'll be right there.

Shade:What's up?

Sonic:Aerial had an accident.

Narrator:Later in the waiting room.

Dr.Quack:Well she's fine.

Bernie:Thank goodness.

Dr.Quack:But because of the size of the branch,part of her scull was fractured.It will heal in time though.But there is some good news though.The hit on the head may have caused some of her memory to come back.She's awake if you want to see her.

Sonic:Ok.[walks in]Hey Aerial,how are you doing?

Aerial:Ok.[hugs Sonic]I remember some things.My real name is Lola.And I remember my mission now.

Shade:What mission?

Aerial:I was supposed to protect her.


Aerial:I don't know.But whoever it was I have to protect her.

Narrator:Later the next day at Tails' lab.

Tails:Thanks for coming down to help me in the lab Aerial.

Aerial:You're welcome.What's this machine?

Tails:Oh,that's just my age accelerator.Would you like to try it out?


Narrator:Tails tried the machine,but it appeared like it didn't work.Aerial hadn't grown an inch.But later the next morning.

Aerial:[going into the bathroom and screams at her appearance]What happened to me?[runs downstairs and wakes up Sonic]Wake up.

Sonic:[waking up]Ahh!!![grabs knife]Who are you?

Aerial:It's me,Aerial.

Sonic:What happened to you.It looks like you grew over night.

Aerial:I guess Tails' machine did work.

Sonic:What machine?

Aerial:His age accelerator.

Narrator:Later at Tails' lab.

Tails:Well my hypothesis shows that she's 13.She can pass an 8th grade physics test and an algebra test.

Sonic:I guess we'll have to deal with it.