In this episode,a mysterious young fox breaks into Sonic's home.

Nobody KnowsEdit

Sonic:[waking up from hearing a strange noise]What's that?[grabs bat and runs into the kitchen screaming]Who's there?[runs upstairs to Bernie's room]Ma,wake up.

Bernie:What now Sonic?It has to be 3 in the morning.

Sonic:There's a fox in the kitchen.


[both walking downstairs]

Sonic:[shaking the little fox]Hey wake up.

Fox:[screams]Where am I.

Sonic:At the wrong house and I'm getting ready to call the authorities.

Bernie:Put that phone down.What's your name?

Fox:I don't know.

Bernie:What do you mean?

Fox:I don't know who I am.

Bernie:Do you know where your house is?


Bernie:Where did you get all these cuts and bruises?

Fox:[starts crying]

Bernie:Sonic,get some cover for the bedroom upstairs.You can stay with us tonight.


Bernie:I'm gonna go to bed now.Show her the room and where everything is.[goes upstairs and shuts her bedroom door]

Sonic:Come on.[walks upstairs and turns on room light]

Fox:I'm scared.

Sonic:[yawns]Go ahead to sleep.There is nothing in the closet,under the bed or under the rug.Goodnight.[leaves room]

Fox:[curls up on floor instead of the bed and falls asleep]

Narrator:Later the next morning at the doctor.

Dr.Quack:Well what this young fox seems to be suffering from is amnesia.Also known as memory loss.

Sonic:What caused it?

Dr.Quack:A sharp blow to the head most of the time causes amnesia.

Bernie:What do we do?

Dr.Quack:I'll call the local orphanages and see if she came from there.In the meantime,can she stay with you?

Bernie:Of course.Sonic,you will let her stay in your room wont you?

Sonic:I don't see why not.

Dr.Quack:Can I talk to you in my office Bernie?


Dr.Quack:[shuts office door]I think that from the cuts and bruises on her arms and legs that this fox was abused.

Bernie:But what if she got those cuts and bruises from just playing outside.

Dr.Quack:I could be wrong.But I still think they're from abuse.

Narrator:Later at home.

Bernie:Do you want something to eat?


Bernie:[going in the living room]Sonic,she hasn't said much of anything.

Sonic:Ma,there is nothing to say.I'm sure she's pretty scared right now.

Bernie:[going back in the kitchen]You know what,you don't have a name...Little fox where are you.

Sonic:Ma,what's wrong?

Bernie:She's gone and the back door is open.

Sonic:[ran out the back door]Ma,she's up there on top of the house.

Bernie:How did she get up there?Come down dear.

Fox:[jumps off of house]

Bernie:Stay from up there.Now to name you.

Sonic:How about Veronica.

Bernie:How about Aerial?

Aerial:[whistles an unknown song]

Narrator:Later that evening after dinner.

Sonic:Ma,I'm going over to Shade's place for the night.


Sonic:[goes upstairs to get his bag]

Aerial:I want to go with Sonic.

Bernie:You spoke.Why do you want to go with him?

Aerial:I just want to go with him.

Bernie:Go ahead.

Narrator:Later in front of Shade's apartment building.

Sonic:Here we are.

Aerial:What is this place?

Sonic:It's Shade's apartment building.

Aerial:Who is Shade?

Sonic:She's my partner.

Aerial:Are we gonna have fun at her house.

Sonic:I guess.

end of episode