In the pilot of the series,Sonic is paired with a smart echidna named Shade.But will this pair last?Read the discussion on the page Zone Detectives:Characters before reading this.There is also being a wiki put up called Zone Detectives.


Narrator:At the police station.

Sonic:So when do I start Captain?

Captain Tai:She will be here in 10 minutes or less.


Captain Tai:Yes.She will be starting out today as well.She looks like she is MPD material.Go wait in the hall.

Sonic:[walking through the hall knocks Shade down and all her books are on the floor]Oh,I'm sorry.

Shade:It's ok.Just watch where you're walking next time.

Sonic:I said sorry.

Shade:I don't have time for this.I have to go to the Captain's office to give him some paperwork.Good day Mr...

Sonic:Maurice the hedgehog.But my friends call me Sonic.

Shade:Maurice I have to go.Bye.

Tails:[waiting in the hall]What's up?

Sonic:I'm just waiting on my partner to get here.

Tails:Sounds good.

Narrator:Just as Sonic and Tails were getting into a good conversation,Shade came walking out of the office.

Shade:Ok Maurice,lets go.

Sonic:Ok,where are we going again?

Shade:To the store downtown that got robbed.I'm your new partner.

Sonic:Oh really?Ok.

Narrator:Sonic and Shade decided to walk to the crime scene.

Shade:Where are you from?

Sonic:Right here in Knothole.What about you?

Shade:I was born in Nocturne.What are your favorite subjects?

Sonic:I have none.I hate school.The most boring thing on the planet.No wait,the universe.

Shade:How could you not like school?It benefits you in every way.

Sonic:I pick up learning as I go.

Shade:Yes Maurice, but...

Sonic:Whoa,whoa,whoa.Do not call me by my first name.My name is Sonic not Maurice.

Shade:Fine.Sonic.What do you do in your spare time?

Sonic:I'm a world traveler.What about you.

Shade:I've been doing some writing about my clan in a novel called Marauders.I have recently published a book called Nocturnus over 1,000 pages long.

Sonic:Wow that's a lot of writing how long did it take you to finish it?

Shade:2 and a half years.

Sonic:Oh.Cool I guess.How long will the next one be?

Shade: I'm taking a shot at 3,000 pages.My dream is to open a book store here in Knothole.What is your dream?

Sonic:I go where the wind takes me.Since time doesn't wait for me,I go my own way.

Shade:I like that saying.I should write a book on your family's history.

[Sonic and Shade arrive at the scene when they notice that there is an officer giving orders]

Lieutenant Lupe:Who are you and what are you here for?

Shade:Hello,we are the new detectives here and we were sent here to look into this investigation.

Lieutenant Lupe:Just don't get in the way.

Sonic:By looking at the front door and the cash register,you can see that this is just an old fashioned stick up.They wanted the cash nothing else.Noone was hurt right?

Shade:I'm looking at the report now.Nope noone was hurt.

Lieutenant Lupe:Lock the scene down.You 2 can go home.

Shade:Lets go.

Narrator:Later at Bernie's house.

Sonic:[knocking on the door]Moma hurry up!

Shade:Well that was rude.

Bernie:[opening the door]Oh hello.Sonic,who is this?

Sonic:This is my partner Shade.


Bernie:Nice to meet you.Sonic,Manic and Sonia are coming home for the weekend.And come on in the house.

Sonic:Ah,like so what?

Shade:I thought you said you only lived with your mom.

Sonic:Manic and Sonia are my older siblings and they're in college.

Shade:Oh.This is a nice house.

Sonic:Yea my father built it with his bare hands.

Bernie:Oh and did I tell you they're coming home tonight.

Sonic:You better tell them to find a hotel.Because they're not sharing a room with me.

Shade:Why don't you like them?

Sonic:I do.I just don't want them here.They drive me crazy.

Shade:I would like to interview them for this new book I'm writing.

Sonic:Count me out for dinner.I will not be dining with them.

Bernie:Oh yes you will.

Narrator:Later at dinner.

Shade:So Manic,what are you going to be when you get out of college?

Manic:Well,I'm going to be an inventor.I've already made this machine that can comb your hair,brush your teeth,and clothe you at the same time.I've sold 4 for 500 dollars each.

Sonic:That's for lazy people.

Manic:Yea,and you wish you thought of it.

Sonia:So what do you do Shade?

Shade:I'm a detective and a writer from Nocturne.I would like to write my next book on your family's history.

Sonia:That's sounds cool.

Sonic:I think there is nothing interesting about us.It's a waste of your valuable time.

Sonia:No Sonic,running is a waste of valuable time.

Sonic:That's it,I'm going for a run.[zooms out the door]

Bernie:Sonia that wasn't very kind.

Sonia:Ma,Sonic doesn't do anything but run and travel.He's lazy around the house too.

Manic:Sonia's right ma.

Bernie:He'll change.

End of episode