In this episode,Aerial gets strange phone calls from someone.Sonic thinks this could have something to do with their case.

Terror On The LineEdit

Aerial:Why do I have to stay home alone?Why can't I go over to Charmy's,since he and Cream tried out Tails' machine,we're all the same age.

Sonic:First off,Ma is out of town.Second,Charmy and Cream are at their extended family's place.And third,I'm going to the terrace with Alicia.


Sonic:[walking out the door]I'll be back about 11:00.Don't call unless it's an emergency,which it wont be.So don't call.

Aerial:Ok.[shuts door]

[phone rings]

Aerial:Hello.Who is this?Hedgehog residence.[person hangs up]

Narrator:Now Aerial played the game for about 20 minutes until the phone rang.

Aerial:I love this game.[phone rings]Hello.May I ask who's caling?[hangs up]

Narrator:Aerial then called Cream.

Aerial:Have you been calling?


Aerial:I've been getting strange phone calls all night.

Cream:So then don't answer the phone.Sorry I can't come up there.I'm at my uncle's house.

Aerial:That's Ok. Bye.[phone rings]Hello.Can I help whoever is calling?[person hangs up]

Narrator:Aerial then decided to call Shadow.

Aerial:Shadow,can you here me?

Shadow:Barely,we can ever hardly get service up at headquarters.

Aerial:Have you been calling?


Aerial:I've been getting phone calls from someone all night.

Shadow:Why didn't you call Sonic?

Aerial:He told me not to.Plus where he's at,he can't get any service.

Shadow:Well what does he say.

Aerial:He doesn't say anything,he just keeps calling.

Shadow:Call back if you need anything.

Aerial:Alright bye.[phone rings]Hello.

Unknown Caller:Is everything Ok?

Aerial:Who is this?[person hangs up]

Narrator:Later at 11:00.

Sonic:I'm back Aerial.Hello?Figures,she's sleep.[phone rings]Hello?Who is this?[person hangs up]Pranksters.

Narrator:Later the next morning.

Aerial:[eating breakfast with Sonic]I got weird phone calls all night.

Sonic:Yea,I got one when I got back.Where did you go earlier yesterday?

Aerial:I went to see a movie with Charmy.

Sonic:Which one?

Aerial:The Forgotten War.After we got out of the theater,we saw someone robbing a store.We saw him take off his mask.

Sonic:I'm working that case.What did he look like?

Aerial:Brown cat.Short with black stripes.

Sonic:Nice.[phone rings]I'll get it.Hello.Come on,I know you're there.I can here you beathing.[person hangs up]

Aerial:Who was it?

Sonic:Nobody.[phone rings]

Narrator:Later that afternoon,about 3:00.The phone rang again but he saw Aerial's name on caller ID.

Sonic:Hello.Aerial I know it's you.I can see your name on caller ID.

Unknown Caller:This isn't Aerial.

Sonic:How did you get this number?

Aerial:Sonic help me.It's Blackjack,he's...[person hangs up phone]

Sonic:[runs over to Shade's place]We've gotta get to Blackjack's layer.He's got Aerial.

Narrator:Sonic and Shade soon after run up to the lair and free Aerial and escape.

Aerial:Do you think that he robbed the bank?

Sonic:We'll never know.

THE END?????