In this episode,Sonic treats Shadow's sister Alicia out to the circus.But trouble is near by.

Trouble Under The Big TopEdit

Narrator:At Alicia's apartment.[Alicia and Shadow live in the same apartment building as Shade]

Sonic:[knocks on door]

Alicia:Sonic,what are you doing here?

Sonic:I had an extra ticket for the circus.Me and Aerial were going and I was wondering if you would like to go?

Alicia:I'd love to.

Narrator:Meanwhile at Blackjack's lair.

Blackjack:I'm tired of being considered small news.Look who's getting all the glory?[turns on T.V.]

Reporter:Enerjak is still at large.He is the new threat to Knothole.We have not seen any of Blackjack lately.[Blackjack breaks remote]

Fiddly:What are you going to do sir?

Blackjack:Get my suit ready.We're gonna have a lot of fun tonight.

Narrator:Later at Bernie's house.

Sonic:[putting on a tie]Aerial,are you almost ready?

Aerial:[putting on her shoes]Almost.

Bernie:You be careful.


Narrator:Later at the circus.

Sonic:[sitting in the audience]Look at the acrobats.

Ring Leader:Our next act is clowns of funny town.

Alicia:Thanks for bringing me here.

Sonic:I couldn't get Shade to go because she hates clowns.

Captain Tai:Hey.

Sonic:What are you doing here?

Captain Tai:This is a national event.Anything could go wrong.

Blackjack:I'd like you to stop this all Mobian fun.And join us in a reign of absolute chaos and terror!!An event we call Evil Under The Big Top.

Captain Tai:What do you want Balckjack.

Blackjack:One word,Enerjak.Bruised,broken,bleeding.As in a word dead!!!Who do we have before us?Mobius' finest.One of you has to know who Enerjak is.Odds are,one of you is Enerjak.You have 2 minutes to find Enerjak.Or the police are gonna need a lot of mops.[bomb starts ticking]

Aerial:What's happening Sonic?

Sonic:We've gotta get out of here.

Aerial:[gets up and stands on the back of her seat and flips down into the center ring and throws random goons into the walls]

Alicia:How can she do that?

Sonic:I didn't know she had super strength or acrobatic abilities.I've gotta get down there and help.[spin dashes into goons]

Alicia:[runs out of building]

Sonic:Aerial!Get out of here!

Aerial:[flies in the air and pounds on the ground causing the floor boards to fly up and all the goons to hit the ground hard]

Sonic:Why didn't you tell me you could do all this stuff?

Aerial:I didn't remember myself.It just came to me.

Sonic:At least all the goons are knocked out.

Aerial:We got another problem on our hands.

Sonic:We've got 30 seconds left on the clock.

Aerial:[takes bomb and lifts it out of the circus tent and throws it in the air and it explodes]

Sonic:Well that takes care of that.

Narrator:Meanwhile at Blackjack's lair.

Fiddly:You failed sir?

Blackjack:No Fiddly,we are beginning one in are series of attacks.[laughs evily]